53rd Day of All True Things Address at East Garden

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim shared a message on June 16, 2015 for the 53rd Day of All True Things celebration at East Garden. He spoke about the importance of embracing the third blessing and loving nature, our community and the world.


When we study about True Parents’ life course, the first chapter always speaks about nature. Today’s reading of the Cheon Seong Gyeong (Holy Scripture) was taken from the first chapter of the book. The first half of this chapter is about God’s creation and nature and the second half is about True Parents and nature. In this book, True Father mentions how important it is to love all of nature; love nature more than you love to attend God at Sunday Service. Do you remember True Father saying those words in this book? I don’t mean to say, don’t go to church every Sunday but go to the park and enjoy nature instead (laughter). But that is how much True Father loved nature. Without dominion over God’s creation we cannot be perfected men and women.

From time to time I like to share my 40-day period experiences spent with True Parents, always in a very humble house. Sometimes they have no light bulb at nighttime and we have to share the house with 20 people, one toilet and one shower. Sometimes I will reminisce with True Mother the times when we had spent 40-days with members in mosquito infested places, where the water had been polluted over a period of ten to fifteen years. These things have happened. But True Father always replied to me by sharing his experiences with nature and how much True Father loved nature. At Cheong Pyeong he had spent time in this way, in such minimal conditions. He stayed there without food or drinkable water in a tent for a 40-day prayer condition before Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center was even built. Really, without True Parents’ investments of this kind in Korea, we would not have the Unification Movement on a global scale today.

How about here? Many days, many times we had a special occasion or event and our surrounding environment was very lovely. Without loving nature, how can you love your brothers and sisters? How can you love your fellow Unificationist families? Nowadays you will find people who say, I love nature, I love my pet, but I don’t like to communicate or associate with brothers and sisters in this movement (laughter). Those who love nature, those who love their pets, they must also love people around the world. Or, some will say, I love my pet but I don’t love my neighbors. This is our situation today. My children can be the same way. They love their pet, but they don’t love each other (laughter). Their pet is more important than their brothers and sisters (laughter). When I get angry at our pet, my eldest daughter’s pet, she won’t speak to me for months (laughter). one day I was on the floor and I was not happy with our pet so I expressed my anger. She was preparing dinner and she stopped what she was doing and went up to her room and locked the door. I skipped dinner that night (laughter). So these things happen even within my immediate circle. It happens in many communities. So what is true love? What is true love?

You know always I am so impressed with True Parent’s teachings and with how they practiced living with true love. Still I remember when True Father spoke for over four hours about ownership of blood lineage during Hoon Dok Hwe (study of scripture in a group setting) one morning right here at East Garden. Owner of peace, owner of lineage. For over three hours. True Mother grabbed me and said you must bring True Father to the car. His flight was ready to depart minutes ago. But True Father kept speaking, saying this was more important than leaving for Korea on time. He had that kind of nature and that kind of love for the sake of human kind, for the sake of America. So let’s give our True Parents a hand (applause).

This is the heart of True Parents. We are much honored and we really want to inherit True Parents’ traditions for the sake of our future generations and for the sake of our movement here in America. Even this Holy Day and how we celebrate it is our way of inheriting the sprit of True Parents and sharing it with our coming generations so that they may share it with others.

These are some of the things I learned during the many days and nights spent with True Father and True Mother while conducting 40 day conditions, living in one small house with twenty other Unificationists all sharing one toilet and one shower room. This is True Parents’ way of life.

True Parents created a holy ground right in the middle of the Pantanal with America, Brazil and Pantanal together, do you remember this? True Parents created this especially with a special proclamation saying this land in the Pantanal was original land and, therefore, holy land, right there in middle of swamp. When you see it, it’s nothing special. It is beautiful right there in the middle of swamp. There is a very humble American hotel there that they have offered to God. It doesn’t create any pollution. This is True Parents’ heart when it comes to nature. They want to be able to give God the original land, what is left of the original creation, unpolluted. So to become a true child and true Blessed Families we must resemble True Parents/ lifestyle and heart.

What is Cheon Il Guk? Cheon Il Guk requires sovereignty first, land second and people third. Cheon Il Guk didn’t just appear two years ago, it was not just proclaimed. True Parents prepared for 12 years. True Father held God’s Kingship and then practiced and implemented education about it everywhere for 12 years before holding Foundation Day and the sovereignty of God. After True Parents left East Garden and went back to Korea, what did True Father do? He spoke about and prayed that Korea was God’s Fatherland so True Parents prepared. After that, we started to prepare for Foundation Day, the start of new days. True Parents prepared us through the Original Substance Divine Principle (OSDP) workshops, educating us to become Cheon Il Guk citizens. So True Parents prepared everything very clearly based on the Divine Principle. This is Cheon Il Guk. We are in Cheon Il Guk. We are citizens of Cheon Il Guk. As such, we must love all nature.

Please join me in prayer:

Dear Heavenly Parents and our Beloved True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind.

True Father, we are here at East Garden where you practiced your life of dedication and sacrifice (offering) for the sake of this country America, and for the brothers and sisters of the Unification Movement. We are celebrating the 53rd Anniversary of the Day of all True things today, centering on True Heavenly Parent and True Parents.  Please let us, as we celebrate today, think of others and think of the nature that surrounds us. Without the world, without air, we cannot live even one day. True Father and True Mother have always appreciated all things around us, and they ask us to do the same, to appreciate our surroundings, to appreciate nature. This cultivates our ability to love others, and love for the sake of a nation, the world, and the universe.

Father, we are so grateful that True Mother spent the last three weeks with us here, in Manhattan center and in Las Vegas. There were so many big and small meetings every day. Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Please be with us all the time, always. Aju. 

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