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God & Mother Nature

In northeastern California, vast meadows, pristine mountain lakes, networks of forest trails, and numerous hydrothermal sites with lava rocks and bubbling pools of mud all encompass Lassen Volcanic National Park, where a group of young Unificationists camped for a remote autumn weekend to connect with God.

A New Beginning

With safety precautions in place, 15 Unificationist couples across the U.S. received the Marriage Blessing virtually on October 10, embarking on an exciting new chapter together. 

Love Conquers All

A global pandemic didn’t stop Unificationist couples worldwide from making the greatest commitment to each other in receiving the Holy Marriage Blessing on October 10.

2020 Cheonbo Festival: ‘We Are Eternally Grateful’

From across the U.S. and Canada, hundreds of Unificationist families virtually joined Mother of Peace Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon during the 2020 Cheonbo Festival on October 9 celebrating the centenary and 60th Holy Wedding Anniversary of her late husband Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

‘Your Name Will Be Heard’

For the first time, 308 couples from the U.S. and Canada will be inducted into the Cheonbo Won, a Heavenly Tribal Messiah Hall of Honor.

Mission to Midterms

Millions of students across the U.S. have gone back to school this fall, including recent graduates of GPA. Several GPA participants are now transitioning into college for the first time after two and three-year commitments of doing the program.