Are Unificationists more left wing or right wing? What does “headwing” mean?

We are neither left nor right wing, but are “headwing.” Unificationist philosopher Dr. Sung Han Lee stated, “Unification Thought …is also called Godism or Head-Wing Thought. The term ‘Godism’ indicates that this system of thought has God’s truth and love as its nucleus; …this system of thought is neither a part of the right wing nor of the left wing, but rather embraces both.”

In Father Moon’s words, “The headwing ideology …is the ideology of heart–the heart of a true child and the heart of a true spouse. You attend God as your Parent and maintain a family environment that builds blood ties with God,” and by doing so “build the world of peace—the society of one human family centering on love.” (see Headwing Thought)