Is “Cheon Il Guk” a real place?

The foundation for Cheon Il Guk is real, but its complete manifestation will take time. Father Moon explained that this phrase means that God’s kingdom is a nation where two that were separated become one. This starts with mind and body and expands to two people, two families, two clans or tribes, two ethnic groups, two nations, and the spiritual and physical worlds.

In his words, “Cheon Il Guk perfects the standard of a nation and ushers in the era of liberation and freedom, disconnected from all enmity.” Father Moon taught that Cheon Il Guk will come through the Blessing of marriages between a husband and wife from enemy nations, religions or races. By imparting the Word and Blessing, Father and Mother Moon, with their family, disciples and ambassadors for peace, laid the real foundation for Cheon Il Guk in 180 nations.