What is the meaning of “True God’s Day” and “Foundation Day”?

True God’s Day is an annual celebration of God, our Creator and Heavenly Parent. It takes place on the first day of each new year, by the Lunar Calendar. Father and Mother Moon established this day in 1968, based on the foundation of their victorious family, their blessing of many families, and the national expansion of the Unification Church. It was the first day ever set aside to authentically honor the true God and offer each year to Him.

Over the decades, True Parents’ ministry of teaching God’s Word and giving God’s marriage Blessing, carried out by their three-generation family, together with leaders of the world’s religions and nations, was bestowed throughout heaven and earth. Apace with this, True Parents’ own marriage Blessing ascended to the national and global levels and, with it, God was enthroned as King of all kings. Foundation Day, inaugurated in 2013, culminated this with the marriage Blessing of True Parents uniting Heavenly Parent with the earth. With Father Moon in spirit world and Mother Moon on earth, Cheon Il Guk, the nation of cosmic peace and harmony, was made substantial. Like True God’s Day, Foundation Day is now an annual celebration.