A More Beautiful City

Dozens of volunteers, including local Unificationists, came together to clean up the streets of Philadelphia on September 12. Neighbors and local leaders spent the day picking up litter throughout the... Read more

A Special Thank You to True Mother

Unificationists in California put together a special gift for Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon after being deeply moved by her heartfelt speech during the Rally of Hope. Sunday school teachers at the Los Angeles Family... Read more

Love Your Enemy

It has been 19 years since tragedy struck the United States on September 11, 2001. Today, we observe that day—a turning point for America—and its fallen heroes. We are also reminded of the hope that... Read more

Relationships: A Reason for Being

During a time of social restrictions and distancing, young Unificationists from around the U.S. and Canada connected through a new national e-series designed to strengthen their interpersonal relationships.... Read more

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

After more than two decades, the long-awaited dream of one Unificationist family to build a vast nature retreat for their community has finally come true. On August 10, Dieter and Rosemary Jesper purchased a... Read more

LA to the Bering Strait

A diverse team of young Unificationists who traveled America from coast to coast over the past month on the Peace Road 2020: Reconciling All People national tour. The group wrapped up their whirlwind... Read more