Divine Principle Draws Attention

Outreach teams are rediscovering the power of the Divine Principle through the guests they meet every day. As people accept invitations to hear Divine Principle lectures, their enthusiasm for the content... Read more

National Ministry Team Joins New York Outreach

On Friday, May 15, 2015, the national ministry team joined the outreach revival in New York, spending the afternoon out in the city and spreading the news of True Parents and the Divine Principle. Participants... Read more

East Coast Greets Spring with Outreach

Outreach begins in New Jersey, and continues in New York, reflecting the nation’s continuous outreach efforts throughout the year. Here are the latest updates from the East Coast:   New Jersey... Read more

Nepal Still in Need of Hope and Support

The devastating news of a second earthquake in Nepal on Tuesday, May 12 has rattled the already shattered landscape. In its wake, the region continues to experience aftershocks and to deal with the many... Read more

Cranes Club Kicks Off in Europe

After her message on the morning of May 10, 2015, True Mother joined young professionals at the Cranes Club gathering at the Hilton Hotel in Vienna. Over 400 young professionals attended the networking and... Read more