Nepal—A First Hand Account

Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, President of the Nepal Family Party, recently did a video call with the National Media Team, from his home in Nepal. He spent some time giving an inside account of the enormous recovery... Read more

Reaching Out to a World in Need

From the latest situation in Baltimore to the development of our youth, communities around the nation have been working hard to bring God to the people they meet, through outreach, uplifting activities,... Read more

True Parents’ Day Brings Families Together

On Sunday April 19 we celebrated the 56th observance of True Parents’ Day. Around the nation, communities celebrated by gathering together, making joyful offerings and sharing the day as one family. The... Read more

National Council Members Make Plans for 2015

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) USA National Council members gathered from around the country last weekend in New York City. On April 24, 2015 they kicked off a weekend of... Read more

CARP Boston Starts Off Strong This Spring

The Boston CARP chapter is jumping into the spring semester with a variety of activities for students and the public, hosting weekly meetings based on the five core themes of CARP: relationships, integrity,... Read more

Transforming Lives Through Outreach

Whether it involves education, discussion or simply reaching out to a friend, outreach is an intimate way to bring God into other people’s lives, and Unificationists around the nation have been experiencing... Read more

A Lively Reunion in Estes Park

Last weekend, the Generation Peace Academy (formerly Special Task Force) hosted its second annual GPA/STF reunion in conjunction with its annual Family Workshop in the beautiful Colorado mountains. GPA... Read more