Please Set Deep Roots and Grow

On August 19, True Mother invited Top Gun workshop participants to have lunch with her at the Cheong Jung Gung in Korea. She shared a message with them and encouraged the participants to reflect on their... Read more

Youth Pastors Regroup as One National Team

The Summer 2015 Youth Pastors Retreat was held from August 14-16 in Jefferson, Maryland. Thirty-six youth pastors from around the country gathered together in the beautiful Catoctin Mountains to personally... Read more

WFWP Retreat in Arizona Empowers Women Leaders

Women leaders from across the country gathered in Arizona from July 23 to 26 for a three-day Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) Leadership Retreat. Fifty current and upcoming leaders participated in a... Read more

Families in Nepal Receive Donations from USA

After the disastrous earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, FFWPU USA has collected $32,526.85 from the generous donations of Unificationists in America. These much needed funds were able to provide 65 families... Read more