USA Celebrates the Holy Marriage Blessing

In America, local Marriage Blessing celebrations were an occasion to decorate local churches, gather friends and family and celebrate the couples beginning their journeys in marriage. Enjoy the unique and... Read more

GPA Serves in the Dominican Republic

As part of its international service module, Generation Peace Academy (GPA) recently sent 23 participants and staff to the cities of Santo Domingo and Santiago in the Dominican... Read more

Dallas Outreach Team Off to a Good Start

After a successful kickoff event, local and visiting Unificationists in Dallas dove right in to fulfilling their commitment to outreach in 2015. On February 24, 2015, the team prepared their materials and... Read more

GPA Learns the Joy of Serving in Panama City

Renovating a playground to give local children a safe alternative to playing in the streets is just one of the service projects that about 25 volunteers from Generation Peace Academy (GPA) are assisting during... Read more

Touching Hearts, One Person at a Time

From New Jersey to Puerto Rico, Unificationists around the world have been focused on connecting with people of all faiths and walks of life to share the heart and teachings of True Parents and the Divine... Read more

Dallas Unificationists Commit to Outreach

With the latest outreach efforts launched in Las Vegas and then Hawaii, other communities in the United States are picking up the momentum, inviting people from around the nation to join in. On Sunday,... Read more

GPA and CARP Las Vegas Make a Powerful Team

Students at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, are embracing the message of the Divine Principle and the culture of living for the sake of others, thanks to the investment of CARP in Las Vegas and GPA. The... Read more