Crescentia DeGoede
District Pastor, District 3


Mrs. Crescentia DeGoede was born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1987 and was raised in the Unificationist Tradition. After high school, she spent two years participating in the Special Task Force (STF), now known as Generation Peace Academy, a gap year program focused on personal, spiritual and character development, community service and leadership training.

In May 2011, Crescentia graduated from Arcadia University with a B.S. in sociology. Following graduation and until May 2013, she served first as youth pastor and then as pastor for the Family Church of Philadelphia with her husband, Leighton DeGoede.

She has also been involved in the leadership of the Shehaqua Family Ministry programs since July 2007, is a member of the Blessed Families Association Board, and works with the Blessed Marriage Project.

In August 2013, Crescentia became and currently remains director of the National Blessing and Family Ministry, a ministry that provides education and support for individuals and couples preparing for marriage as well as family support and enrichment programs and services. She received the Marriage Blessing with Leighton DeGeode from Oakland, California.

In October 2019, Crescentia was inaugurated as District 3 Pastor and Senior Pastor of the Clifton Family Church.

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