Demian Dunkley
Director of Evangelism, FFWPU-USA


Demian Aaron Dunkley was born in the USA. In 1973 educated in England and Italy and joined the Unification Church in New York in 1993. He holds a degree in Multimedia Arts and Communications.

Demian received the Marriage Blessing with his wife, Yumiko Sakamoto from Kobe, Japan in 1997, and they moved to Tuscany, Italy to build a business foundation in support of the national Unification Church ministries of Italy and Malta. Demian and Yumiko have three beautiful children.

In 2005, Demian’s family moved to South Korea for a year to study Korean. In 2006, he moved back to America to work as an instructor of multimedia at Platt College, San Diego. During the same period he served as a youth pastor, and worked with Service for Peace on local and international projects. From 2010 to 2013, Demian served as the city pastor of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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