Garrun and Yusun Abrahams
Co-District Pastors, District 6


Garrun and Yusun Abrahams were raised in the Unificationist tradition and received the Marriage Blessing in 2004. They currently live in Columbus, Ohio with their two young children. Yusun was born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota in 1983 to Paul and Jutta Tobkin. Garrun was born in Los Angeles, California in 1983 to Gary and Friederun Abrahams.

Both Yusun and Garrun graduated from Ohio State University in 2009. During college, Garrun worked as the youth pastor for the Columbus Family Church community. After they graduated, they moved to Europe and lived in Frankfurt, Germany from 2009 to 2012. Yusun received a Fulbright scholarship to teach English and Garrun worked as the director of European STF. Yusun also supported her husband by visiting STF teams and helped with German CARP and other local church activities. In 2013, Yusun worked as a co-pastor in Columbus, Ohio while Garrun offered his time on the local and national council. The couple now works together as district pastor representatives for District 6.

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