Jeff Schmidt
District Pastor, District 7


Jeffrey A. Schmidt, joined the Unification Movement in the late seventies. He is a national council representative for district 7 as well as the District Pastor for District 7. 

Jeff joined the IOWC in 1979 and spent a few months traveling with that team until True father called everyone to join MFT. He spent seven years as a member and captain in MFT. He then spent a few years learning the fish business, and worked as a Japanese restaurant manager while being involved in the church community where he joined.

After moving back to his hometown in Wisconsin, Jeffrey opened his own art framing business with skills learned operating an art gallery on MFT. He eventually closed the business after feeling called to assist the U.S. headquarters in the Middle East Peace Initiative programs. 

Later, Jeff served as assistant state leader for seven years. He also served on the local, district, and national councils. 

Jeffrey received the Marriage Blessing with Toyoko Suzuki from Miazaki city, Kyushu Japan in 1982. They have four children and reside in Wisconsin.

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