Rev. Kazuo Takami
District Pastor, Hawaii; Pastor, Honolulu


Rev. Kazuo Takami was born in 1970 in Japan, and became a Unificationist in 1989 through the collegiate youth branch of the Unification Movement in Osaka.

Rev. Takami studied at Unification Theological Seminary in New York from 1996 to 2000 and graduated cum laude with a master of Religious Education degree.  He became the Assistant State Director of Illinois and later State Pastor and worked to expand the Chicago’s minister outreach foundation.  In 2010, he attended the 120-day workshop “Special Education Session for World Leaders Organized by True Parents” held in Korea. Rev. Takami was blessed in 1992. He and his wife, Hiromi, stay happy and busy raising their five children!

He has served as District Director for the District 7 which is composed of Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as Pastor of Chicago Family Church. 

In September 2015, Rev. Takami began a new mission as District Pastor of Hawaii, which includes a pastoral responsibility at Honolulu Family Church. 

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