Miilhan Stephens
Secretary General, Northeast Subregion


Pastor Miilhan Stephens is 27 years old, he was raised in the Unificationist tradition and was educated at the University of Maryland in College Park where he graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science.

Miilhan is a bright spirited visionary who discovered the heart of God at an early age. He is known for being an idealist, but always works things from a practical perspective. Cheerfully sharing his faith and listening to others throughout his life, he decided to step up his service to God by pastoring the community he so loves.

On January 31, 2009, Pastor Stephens received the Marriage Blessing with Sayaka of Osaka, Japan. They have a baby daughter. Pastor Stephens previously taught Sunday school to middle school kids for many years and has supported the New Hope Family Church for the past two years. He remains committed to serving God and True Parents. He currently serves as vice president of FFWPU, USA.

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