Mika Deshotel
District Pastor, District 4


Mika, together with her husband Abraham, served as a Young Adult Minister from 2009- 2011. Mika joined Abraham in Bridgeport in 2009. Previously, she was very active in her hometown of Worcester, MA with youth ministry, Service for Peace, and CARP on campus. She worked for CARP headquarters from 2008- 2009, and then became the church administrative assistant in Bridgeport from 2010- 2013. Before stepping up to the pastor position, she served on the Local Council. 

Both Abraham and Mika are teachers at the Bridgeport Hope School and Bridgeport International Academy, and both are currently working on their Master of Education degrees at the University of Bridgeport. Abraham also volunteers as a firefighter at the Fire Dept. in Fairfield, CT. 

Abraham and Mika were blessed in Korea in 2005 as part of the 210- 2nd generation couples. They have three children ages 4, 2, and 1. They currently serve as co-pastors of the CT Family Church in Bridgeport, CT.