Naokimi Ushiroda
National President, USA; Northeast Subregional Director


Naokimi Ushiroda was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979 and just three years later, he moved with his family to Queens, NY.

In 2004, Naokimi graduated from the Wharton School of Business.  In between his freshman and sophomore years in college, Naokimi attended the Special Task Force missionary training program for three years. There, he served as a fundraising team member, team leader, group leader, and event staff. During college, he founded a local CARP chapter focused on interfaith dialogue and led the club as student president for three years. After graduation, he worked for two and a half years as assistant to the then national president of CARP.

In 2007, Naokimi became the National Youth Ministry Director for HSA-UWC, where he developed a network of 40+ youth ministry leaders and launched a youth leadership program called Jr. STF. In 2010, he was made the assistant controller for HSA-UWC and was responsible for helping to improve organizational structure and accounting practices.

In 2012, he helped to develop and host the Leadership Program for the Generation Peace Academy and the future upcoming leaders of HSA-UWC. In the summer of 2013, he was appointed as the new CARP President for America.

In November 2019, Naokimi was appointed Assistant Pastor for Clifton Family Church.

Just one year later, in November 2020, Naokimi was appointed President of FFWPU-USA. He is also Subregional Director of the Northeast, Subregion 1.

Naokimi received the Marriage Blessing in 2000 with Shukuko Yono from New York. He and his wife live in New Jersey and have three children.

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