Inchan Park
District Pastor, District 10


Rev. Park was born on May 20, 1977. His parents were married as part of the 430 couples Blessing. He graduated from Sun Moon University with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and Journalism in 2001 and earned his master’s degree in religious education in 2007 from the Unification Theological Seminary.

Rev. Park served as Korea national HARP leader in 1994, and then as mentor and educator for second generation students from 1996 to 1997. In 1997 he joined the church HQ in Korea, and became a member of its cultural department musical team in 1998.  

In 2003-2004 he served in the Korean army as information & education officer at HQ of the 22nd division, and then completed an internship at the marketing company “Vitamin Biz” in Seoul until 2005.

After coming to the USA to study at UTS in 2005, he served as the vice president of the student council from 2006 until graduating in 2007.

He was blessed with his wife Julie at the 2nd Generation 400 Couples Blessing in 2007. They have two sons and one daughter and reside in Tacoma, where he has served as the Tacoma KEA pastor since 2012.