William Repke
Community Leader, Battle Creek, MI


William Repke was born in Gary, Indiana in 1955 and grew up in Battle Creek Michigan. During his freshman year at the University of Michigan, he had a moving experience with God. Deciding to leave school, he began to receive inspirations and visions of an ideal world.  Upon receiving a second moving experience with God, he began searching for his purpose of life. At the age of 20, two weeks before his 21st birthday, he heard the Divine Principle and joined the Unification Movement.  He participated in the Mobile Fundraising Team (MFT) in Los Angeles, Washington and New York. 

In 1991, William moved his family back to his hometown of Battle Creek.  In 1993, he was hired by the United States Postal Service, where he is currently still employed. In 2010 he began serving as the pastor of the Galesburg Family Church.

William received the Marriage Blessing with Reiko Iizuka from Yokohama, Japan in 1982. They have five children.

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