Young Tack Yang
District Pastor, District 5


Rev. Young Tack Yang was born in Sun San city (now Kumi city) Kyeong Buk Province, South Korea, in 1966 to Unificationist parents. He studied at Yon Sei University in Seoul, Korea where he majored in Philosophy. During this period he served as the Church Leader of Chungju Southern Church and was the CARP Leader of Seowon University. He graduated from Yonsei University in 1992. After graduation, he was assigned as CARP leader of Shinchon CARP Center (Yonsei and Ewha Women’s University) until September, 1995.

He later moved to America, where he studied religious education at the Unification Theological Seminary. Rev. Yang graduated with a Master of Religious Education in 2000. Upon graduation, he was assigned as Regional Director of Connecticut and served from September, 2000 to September, 2003. For the next three years following, he served as the FFWPU USA Regional Director for Atlanta, Georgia, and South Carolina. In 2006, Young Tack was awarded an honorary doctorate by True Parents from Sun Moon University.

At the time True Parents asked Korean Regional Directors to return to Korea, Rev. Yang began his work with the Central Committee in UPF Korea, IIFWP Korea and the Family Party of Korea. In 2008, Rev. Yang returned to America where he served as the Atlanta KEA Assistant Pastor. In June, 2012, Rev. Yang was assigned by True Parents as the Continental Director of the Middle East, where he served until March of this year.

Since his return to the US, Rev. Yang has been offering support at HSA HQ, and just recently completed the 21 day Global Top Gun workshop in Korea.

Young Tack received the Marriage Blessing with Junju Yoo, from Seoul, Korea in 1989. They have five children.

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