Yun-A Johnson
Director, Blessing and Family Ministry


Yun-A Johnson, 32 years old, graduated from American University with a BA in International Studies. In 2017 she shifted careers becoming certified in interior redesign and founding her own design company Your Aesthetic Style. 

Yun-A grew up in the Unificationist tradition living in communities around the world from Maryland, USA to Cameroon, West Africa, as well as Korea, through which she could experience what a global family the Family Federation is!

Yun-A was blessed to Alexander Johansen from Norway at the Manhattan Center on January 31, 2009. They and their two sons, Henrik and Kevin, lived in Norway for 8 years, where they contributed to a range of community activities such as Sunday service and Sunday school, The Marriage Course and WFWP Mommy and Me group. Later, Yun-A began working on the European regional level to support Blessed Families. 

On January 20, 2020 Yun-A was installed as the Director of the Blessing and Family Ministry.