4-Day True Love Divine Principle Seminars

Experience transformation through Divine Principle intensive study, learn how to apply its teachings in daily life , and gain the confidence to share it. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore God’s beautiful creation in the surrounding area.

7-Day Divine Principle Workshops

Seven-day Divine Principle Seminars allow participants to dig deep and gain a greater understanding of God, ourselves and the world. With more time for in depth discussion, bonding and exploring the surrounding area, the 7-day seminars are a great opportunity to reconnect and recharge.

Japanese Revival 7-Day Workshop

A third 7-day workshop for Japanese Unificationists will be held from May 17-24, 2017 at IPEC in Las Vegas. The entire program will be offered in Japanese, with special lecturers coming in from Japan.


Upcoming Workshops and Events

There are many opportunities coming up to get inspired and recharged with the Divine Principle. Experience a spiritual rejuvenation in Las Vegas, and explore the natural wonders of the region. Click on the banners below to learn more and register.

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7-day DP UT June
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7 Day July Spanish
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