13th True Love Divine Principle Seminar

Angela Freeman and Rev. Andrew Compton at the Grand Canyon.

The most recent session of the True Love Divine Principle Seminar, held from December 2-5, made for a cozy weekend at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas. Rev. Andrew Compton reports, “[This seminar] was special, because we had just one guest.” Angela Freeman, who hails from Florida, met our movement in June of this year. Every day, she has been reading True Father’s autobiography. “She is a truly humble, not highly educated, ‘salt of the earth’-type of person,” says Compton. “She and her family have been through many tragedies that might make most people want to just give up on life. It was a privilege to be able to teach her the Divine Principle.”

A view of the sunset on their way back to Las Vegas.

While at IPEC, Freeman and Compton watched the live stream of True Mother’s Christmas celebration with Unificationists in New York. Freeman, who is in her sixties, was genuinely inspired both by what she saw in New York and by the content of Divine Principle that she learned. “What I gained the most… was love and an understanding of the importance of human responsibility,” she said. “[We need] more of these workshops, so more people can come and hear about God in a way they have never heard before.”

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