14th True Love Divine Principle Seminar

Seventeen guests participated in the 14th True Love Divine Principle Seminar at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas. Attendees included both young and young-at-heart Unificationists, as well as three guests who were new to Divine Principle.

Whether old or new, first-generation Unificationist or second, the workshop offered something for everyone. More seasoned Unificationists were glad to have their questions and concerns addressed during the weekend. “I experienced a new rebirth with True Parents and Heavenly Parents through this Word of God,” said Donna Avey, who travelled from Alaska to hear Rev. Andrew Compton speak. Young college students who attended gained a deeper understanding of their faith. “In college away from home, it’s hard to predict what will happen, and it’s hard to follow the will of God and True Parents. But the workshop has allowed me to rediscover [and] learn new things,” said young Unificationist Satomi Rabottini.

Those totally new to the Divine Principle also appreciated the love from both Rev. Compton and other Unificationists. Ramona Duby, an Ambassador for Peace who heard Divine Principle for the first time, encourages everyone to come experience the seminar at IPEC. “I would recommend this class for regular church members as a refresher as well as a newbie like me,” she said.

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