Seminar Deepens Awareness of God’s Heart

03-18-16 TLDP seminar 03

The fifth True Love Divine Principle Seminar was held at the International Peace Center in Las Vegas from March 11-14. Participants came from as far and wide as Texas and Maryland to study the Divine Principle and walked away with a deeper awareness of God’s heart, True Parents’ love, and their vision for the world.

During the course of the seminar, participants listened to presentations about the heart of God, which they felt deepened their understanding not only of God but of True Parents and of the world. Melissa Manor, a Unificationist-born youth, reflected, “I was born into this faith, so I’ve been learning about the Divine Principle since before I can remember. I came here with the purpose to understand and connect to God in a new way – so I could understand true love in a deeper way – so that I could truly love the people around me. I have gained a lot from this seminar, more than I expected. One of the biggest things I have gained from this seminar is how important each unique person is to God, and in that way, how unique and important I am to God.”

On the foundation of these presentations, participants also discussed the connection between the heart of God and world affairs, reflecting on how the exclusion of God from human life and society must be a source of sorrow and pain for our Heavenly Parent. Tsubasa Tsujima reflected, “I came here to learn more about the Divine Principle and God’s heart, and I was shocked to learn about the threat communism poses to the world. I have long felt called to resolve religious conflicts and wars because they are so catastrophic, but it was remarkable to learn that communism, as an ideology that denies God outright, poses an even worse threat to world peace.”

Between presentations, the participants also went on outings to significant historical and natural sites in the Las Vegas area, including the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon, where they could connect with God and True Parents’ heart on an experiential, visceral level.

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“I came to this seminar because I wanted to obtain more knowledge about the Unification Movement and the Divine Principle, and I hoped to come closer to Heavenly Father,” commented Hugo Flores. “My favorite moment was the 15-minute, individual prayer at sundown in the middle of Lake Mead, surrounded by the mountains. It was truly amazing!”

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At the conclusion of the seminar, Daniel, another Unificationist-born youth, reflected, “Coming to this seminar was probably the best decision I could’ve made. My goal is to be able to truly understand the Divine Principle and to be able to share it with my extended family and friends. I would like to be able to touch others people’s lives, especially Unificationists who struggle with their faith and identity.”

Similarly, Rena Komine shared, “This seminar feels like a special gift from Heavenly Parent and True Parents. My heart toward Heavenly Parent and True Parents has become strong again. I was able to feel deeply Heavenly Parent’s heart through the lectures, much more than before. I cannot imagine how much His and Her heart has been hurt by human beings, but am amazed that, even though we make mistakes, Heavenly Parent continues to love us and, through True Parents, strives to reach out to and lift up each one of us.”

If any part of this experience appeals to you, there are several opportunities to attend Divine Principle seminars and workshops in Las Vegas in the coming months. To see the full calendar and participate in an upcoming workshop, click on the link below.

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