Your donation to the Divine Principle Retreats at the IPEC will make a valuable contribution toward God’s work in America, providing scholarships for deserving students seeking to empower their lives through a deeper understanding of the Divine Principle; to discover a fuller relationship of heart with God, our Heavenly Parent; and to create a renewed sense of confidence, through which to play an active role in the building of Cheon Il Guk, God’s Kingdom of Heaven on this earth.

–Rev. Andrew Compton
Director of Education, IPEC

This month, support lecture training candidates

For the months of May through June 2018, your donation will specifically go toward sponsorships for our upcoming Divine Principle Lecture Training Intensive! We are inviting the young (and young-at-heart!) for the first time ever to come to IPEC and learn to teach the Principle, from June 13-19. Your donations will support our intensive participants, the next generation of Divine Principle teachers, to take their first steps toward certification as lecturers on the national level.

Please consider donating to IPEC today to support this worthy cause. Thank you!

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