Eleventh True Love Divine Principle Seminar


On October 7, twelve Unificationists attended a four-day True Love Divine Principle Seminar at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas. The seminar, led by Rev. Andrew Compton, was an occasion that brought participants from both Japan and the United States together to learn about the teachings of True Parents. Workshop participants from near and far were given the opportunity to get to know one another while discussing the true love of God and hearing advice on how to build love in their own families. They also visited nearby attractions such as the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead.

Several participants felt that the seminar was transformative. Tomoko Tariq, a Unificationist from Japan, admitted that before going to the workshop, life was difficult. “I was feeling insecure about myself for many years,” she said. “I was never confident enough to believe I was loved by God and True Parents.” After hearing Rev. Compton’s lectures and meeting other Unifciationists, Tomoko’s perspective changed. “I am True Parents’ daughter… I [can] feel God and True Parents’ heart very strongly. They love us a lot.”

Wayne Hankins, a Unificationist from the United States, had a similarly meaningful experience. “Coming to IPEC and hearing the Divine Principle… is like reading a great book again after many years,” he shared. “I would absolutely recommend this seminar to others [who want to] invest in themselves, their families, and our common destiny.”

Additionally, many of the participants felt appreciative of the chance to connect with people they had never met before. “I had fun… getting to know my Japanese brothers and sisters,” said Robert Abendroth, a young Unificationist from Maryland. “Having the young Japanese [participants] was inspiring,” agreed Kim and Christine Dodge, a couple from California.

Young Unificationists from Japan attended the workshop as part of an autumn tour during which they visited several Unification holy sites across the country. Toshiaki Sasada, who came with the group from Japan, remarked that both the event at IPEC and the tour helped him understand the “heart and energy” of God and True Parents.

“I realized once again how precious the Divine Principle is,” said Rev. Compton. “It has the power to awaken our original minds and our sense of God’s presence in our lives.”

“I also realized that our youth have many questions that need to be addressed. I feel more and more the importance of developing a course in the application of the Divine Principle.”

Learn more about upcoming seminars on our homepage, familyfed.org/ipec!

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