IPEC Lecture Training Intensives

Empower your life of faith through a deeper understanding of the Divine Principle when you attend one of our special, 7-day Divine Principle Lecture Training Intensives!

Upon successfully completing this intensive, you can become a nationally certified lecturer of a 1-day Divine Principle seminar. Top lecturers will also be considered as candidates for future lecture training internships at IPEC, where they will be able to practice lecturing under the guidance of Rev. Andrew Compton, our national director of education at IPEC.

As an intensive, this seminar will consist primarily of lecture practice over the course of the week, often in one-on-one settings. There will be breaks and other activities and a full-day’s outing in the middle of the intensive.

We are also developing a 3-month follow-up program for those who choose to continue their practice and training back home, which will feature monthly check-ins, local lecture practice, and an emphasis on applying the Principle in daily life.

Updated: The standard price of the workshop is $500, with an option for a commuter rate at $325. Scholarships may be available for applicants aged 18-40. Please email Mi Young Eaton, education coordinator, at meaton@unification.org for more details.

This intensive is the first step toward becoming a certified 1-day, 2-day, or 7-day lecturer. Apply for our first ever Lecture Training intensive, scheduled to run from June 13-19, 2018 today, and take your first steps toward becoming a master of the Divine Principle.

Updated: Application deadline has been extended! Apply by Thursday, May 31, 2018, at 11:59:59 PST!

Please give us 48 hours to process your application. Upon acceptance to the program we will send  you a registration link with payment options. If you have any questions, please contact Mi Young at meaton@unification.org.

IPEC Lecture Training Application: June 2018

  • City, State or Local Church
  • We recommend submitting a letter of recommendation from your Sub-Regional Director, Pastor, or Ministry Leader (e.g., CARP, UPF, WFWP, ACLC). Please submit a letter of recommendation from someone who can speak to your character and sincerity.

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