Many Paths Cross at the True Love Divine Principle Seminar


In early November, six guests participated in the 12th True Love Divine Principle Seminar at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas. Reverend Compton facilitated the workshop for the small but diverse group, which included guests from Manhattan, Washington State, Georgia, Alabama, New Jersey, and even Australia.

For four days, this diverse group received an introduction to the teachings of the Unification movement. Manuel Ramnac, a husband and father who travelled all the way from Australia to hear Reverend Compton speak, shared that “the workshop was riveting, with lots of details and answers to all questions.” Sara Vargas, a young Unificationist who flew in from Washington State, agreed. “If you are like me and have lots of unanswered questions I would recommend this seminar,” she said.


Some guests who attended felt a new call to action at the end of the weekend. “[This workshop was] a slap across the head to get my act straight,” said Hirokatsu Kitanaka, a young professional from New Jersey. He plans to return home with a more serious attitude toward the Marriage Blessing, which he hopes to take part in sometime soon. Dr. Tanya Edwards, pastor of the Manhattan Family Church, expressed her own sentiment for personal change. “I need to offer the best to God,” she shared.

Reverend Compton was pleased with the results of the seminar and happy for the chance to offer more of himself to each person in attendance. “It is wonderful to see how God has been working in the lives of people from every possible background and age group and even more wonderful to see them come together in the study of the Divine Principle and in the experience of God’s heart,” he shared.

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