Passion for the Divine Principle Characterizes Latest Seminar


The ninth 7-Day Divine Principle Seminar, which ran from June 24-30,2016 at the International Peace Education Center, drew three participants who were eager to engage in the study of the Divine Principle. There was one elder Unificationist from Colorado who brought with her a new first-generation Unificationist who was facing challenges in her life of faith, and the third was a second-generation brother who had just finished his tour of duty with the military.

Rev. Andrew Compton, educational director at the International Peace Education Center commented, “What made this seminar special was the passion everyone had for studying the Divine Principle. On the third evening, after a day full of lectures, they all requested to hear one more chapter. The discussions were open and honest – with topics that varied from God’s existence and God’s heart of restoration to the providential role that True Mother is now playing.”

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Participant Reflections

“I would definitely recommend to others to attend this seven-day seminar. I think it is successful in accomplishing its goal of showing God’s heart for humanity. I’m grateful that I’ve been taught Divine Principle twice before, otherwise some of the concepts might have been very complex.

“After attending this workshop, it’s hard not to see how much effort God has been putting forth to reach His children.”

–Melissa Webb, CO

“I came to support my adopted spiritual daughter. She has been attending our local Unification church and studying the Divine Principle for approximately two years. She has recently come to a spiritual crossroad in her life of faith and it seemed that she needed the opportunity to re-study the Divine Principle, to help her advance her spiritual life. Though I came for the sake of my spiritual daughter, I also knew that God would provide me with an opportunity to refresh my life of faith.

“I would absolutely recommend the seven-day workshops being presented in Las Vegas. Everything about the program was stellar. I am leaving the workshop reborn and inspired. I strongly urge Unificationists to bring their spiritual children and encourage adult second- and first-generation Unificationists to attend. It is definitely worth your time, effort, and financial investment.”

–Alice Fleischer, CO

“I came to this seven-day Divine Principle workshop because I wanted a deeper and complete understanding of the teachings of the Unification movement – and so far my expectations have been met. Rev. Compton knows how to take complicated ideas found in the Divine Principle and turn them into simple and engaging lessons that are easy to follow and understand.

“An accepting and calm environment at the International Peace Education Center allows for any questions to be asked and any comments to be made. The activities, such as at Lake Mead, are also a spectacular way to break out of the grind and help us appreciate both the natural and man-made environments of the beautiful Las Vegas.”

–Tom Menning, IA

The next Las Vegas Divine Principle seminar is just around the corner! Find more information or register for an upcoming seminar on our homepage.

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