Seminar Creates a Space to Share Truth and Love


The 12th 7-Day Divine Seminar at the International Peace Education Center was held with six participants. We had three beautiful Blessed French sisters attend the workshop, each with a unique testimony, each now living in America, and all united in heart through their shared lives of faith over the years. In addition, we had one American-Japanese Unificationist couple from California and one young first-generation Unificationist from Japan, whose parents joined the movement when he was just two years old.

For me, this was one of my deepest experiences teaching the Divine Principle. Over our meals together, we took time to allow each participant to share their testimony–and it was amazing. Each participant’s personality and story was so different, and yet in each brother and sister, I could see that God has been there, working with them through the good times and the difficult times in their lives.

These Divine Principle seminars are for everyone: to give hope, answer questions, and offer direction to our youth; to awaken our guests to the love and truth of our True Parents; and to provide our present membership with the possibility for spiritual renewal, and I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to teach the Divine Principle!


Below are excerpts from participant reflections:


“Rev. Compton did much more than teach the Principle, he cared for us with parental love.  We learned from his example and want to put into practice.  We were free to ask questions during our readings and his presentations, and he sincerely answered them with no judgement toward us.  We felt tremendous love and respect from him toward us.…

“We felt True Mother’s love is embracing us3 to educate us.  She prepared the best place for us to study, and the best lecturer.  We felt True Parent’s love and sincerity through Rev. Compton.  He gave his best for each of the students.”

–Mike and Toshiko Wildman


“I am deeply grateful to True Mother for the International Peace Education Center. Thankful for everyone that made it possible for us to have a meaningful, pleasant, happy, fun, regenerating time together during this workshop.”

­–Raymonde Meyer


“I definitely would recommend this workshop for anyone. This workshop brought back many good memories. It is a necessity to study the Divine Principle on a deeper level to understand the mission of True Parents, especially during the time we are living in now.”

–Beatrice Yoshioka


Contributed by Rev. Andrew Compton

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