Seminar Provides Opportunity for Constructive Review


From November 9 to November 15, the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas held its 14th Divine Principle Seminar. In this special seminar, several guests came not just as participants, but as observers striving to help Rev. Andrew Compton improve upon the content and structure of future IPEC seminars. Among the attendees were Itinerant Workers (IWs), Unificationists who travel the country to visit families and provide counsel; a district pastor; and a representative from Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) National Ministry Team. These contributors shared useful insights with Rev. Compton, who was glad to see them. “I was especially grateful to have the program here observed with fresh eyes,” he said.

During the seven-day workshop, the IWs spoke publicly about their involvement in the Unification movement. “I was so happy to hear many elder members’ testimonies, especially the IWs… [They] really touched my heart and I thought they are surely precious treasures,” said Young Tack Yang, District 12 Pastor and a second-generation Unificationist, who attended the seminar. Manuel Ramnac, who flew in from Australia, was also energized by the “electrifying testimonies.” “I was amazed at how much faith they had and the love they carry in their hearts,” he said.

Shinyoung Chang, who represented FFWPU National Ministry Team, gained more than she expected and left for home eager to move forward in pursuit of her “divine purpose.” “[Studying Divine Principle has changed] how I relate to all those around me when thinking about how to unite with others and move towards that purpose,” she said.



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