True Family Values Ministry Celebrates 20 Years


On December 12, 2015, after commemorating its 20th anniversary milestone in Chicago and New York, the True Family Values Ministry had its third and final celebration at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas—a key city in Father and Mother Moon’s 40-year providence in America.

Over 700 Unificationists, FFWPU Korea and FFWPU Japan District Pastors, clergy of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) and Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and Ambassadors for Peace gathered at the Peace Center and welcomed Mother Moon, co-founder of the True Family Values Ministry, who was inspired to hold this event in Las Vegas and share her message with this ministry which for 20 years has shared True Parents’ vision and recognized the importance of family togetherness and raising communities built upon strong families as the basis for world peace.


Welcome, Mother Moon!


With Christmas around the corner, the air outside was fresh, the main hall warm, and the celebration exuded holiday festivity as international guests greeted each other. The program kicked off with congregational songs led by a lively band of all ages and nationalities.

Dr. Michael Balcomb, President of FFWPU USA, emceed the event. “We just finished 20 years of the True Family Values Ministry in the United States,” he said in his introduction. “Father and Mother Moon loved this ministry, loved the city of Chicago, and in her grace Mother Moon brought this celebration to New York and Las Vegas.”


Mother Moon then entered the room and with a radiant smile greeted the group. Everyone expressed their happiness to see her again with emphatic cheers and applause. Many local Unificationists in Las Vegas had recently had the opportunity to welcome Mother Moon to this very building in May, when she cut the ribbon for the Grand Opening of the International Peace Education Center and prayed that it would become a place where international leaders could make strides for peace and where educators could provide guests with the tools to build strong families and communities.


Gifts of Gratitude to True Parents


The significance of this 20th anniversary showed through the meaningful gifts offered to Mother Moon upon her entrance on stage. Leader of the local Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), Akira Watanabe, and his wife offered beautiful bouquets of flowers. A group of leaders of the ACLC including Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Co-Chairman of ACLC, and Rev. Jesse and Tanya Edwards, brought out the True Family Values Crystal Award, a crystal model depicting the view of Chicago, home of the True Family Values Ministry, from the Shedd Aquarium, a sight that Father and Mother Moon loved so much during their visits to Chicago.


A final gift was a framed proclamation offered by members of the original Top Gun group, a movement inaugurated by Father and Mother to educate leaders to spread the teachings and vision of True Parents around the world.




Rev. George Augustus Stallings, Jr., Co-Chairman of ACLC, gave the invocation. In his prayer he reported, “We come before you on this occasion on the 20th anniversary of the True Family Values Ministry, a gift of True Parents to America, which has inspired representatives of all faith communities to affirm the Blessing of marriage.

“Father and Mother Moon have Blessed millions of couples from all faiths who now are anointed to become Tribal Messiahs. Through this foundation, the kingdom of God, Cheon Il Guk, will continue to grow and expand Your territory of true love. The True Family Values Ministry over the last 20 years has melted our hearts together beyond race and religion to lift up Blessed marriage in the lineage in the image of God.”


Welcoming Remarks


Dr. Ki Hoon Kim then welcomed everyone to this exciting occasion to celebrate the True Family Values Ministry with Mother Moon.

“How quickly time has passed since the first True Family Values award program hosted by Pastor T. L. Barrett Jr. under the inspiration of our cofounders, the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon,” he reminisced. “Since then Father and Mother Moon have joined us here in Las Vegas many times. They always taught to us the importance of responsibility of religious leaders to build good families and strong communities, and to help America in its God-given providential mission.

“Today as we see continuous conflict around the world driven by evil extremism we are reminded that our work is far from over, so we are not here just to celebrate the past, but to make a new commitment to the vision. The True Family Values banquet has been a catalyst for new commitment.”



Video: 20 Years of the True Family Values Ministry in America

A video was shown highlighting the history of the True Family Values Ministry and testimonies of its success, including last weekend’s events in Chicago and New York. Watch the video below:



Report: Mother Moon’s Investment from Foundation Day to Vision 2020



“Three years ago when True Father ascended to the spirit world, Mother Moon immediately provided her leadership, and especially her vision,” said Dr. Balcomb. He proceeded to introduce two representatives from FFWPU International who prepared reports on past and upcoming endeavors by Father and Mother Moon.

Rev. Sung Il Cho presented Mother Moon’s vision and report for 2020. His presentation is available in the video clip below:


Dr. Young Ho Yun described the providence in Nepal and India centering on the Sunhak Peace Prize. You can watch his presentation here:


True Family Values Message


Mother Moon was inspired to share her message this year at the 20th annual True Family Values Ministry Banquet. In Chicago and New York, International President of FFWPU International Sun Jin Moon presented her message. Today, Prof. Yeon Ah Moon, Women’s Federation for World Peace International President, delivered this message on behalf of Mother Moon.


Read True Family Values Message


Mother Moon’s Keynote Address


It was a great honor to then welcome Mother Moon to deliver her message for the True Family Values Ministry. She took the stage and asked the crowd, “Did you miss me? How much did you miss me?” Her question was met with laughter and cheers, and Mother Moon began sharing her remarks.


These days, there are many tragic occurrences and natural disasters,” she said. “Those of us who know need to come out and overcome them with education. Because of that, even when I’m in Korea, in Japan, and even in America, these days what I’m asking everyone is this: In order to become one, this problem needs to be solved, so keep educating and accomplishing your responsibility as a Heavenly Tribal Messiah. You must share with people.”

For Mother Moon’s full message, watch the video below.


Apple Heaven Musical Ensemble


The entertainment of the day was prepared by Mother Moon herself. In Korea, Apple Heaven is part of True Parents’ security team. Despite being enveloped in serious conversation, particularly related to the wellbeing of True Parents, it is their heart for True Parents and visitors to feel encouraged amid the serious matters that Mother Moon deals with each day. They performed in Chicago and New York, and today, donned in holiday-red suits, they sang American favorites including “God Bless America,” and “When the Saints Go Marching In,” as well as traditional Korean songs. By the last song, everyone was on their feet, clapping and dancing, closing the program with an international family dance party.


America At a Turning Point Forum

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF’s) American Leadership Conference (ALC) hosted a forum titled “America At a Turning Point” which followed the True Family Values Ministry 20th Anniversary events in Chicago, New York and in Las Vegas.

The True Family Values Ministry recognizes that this nation is at a critical point, facing many challenges but also yearning for change, for God and for family. The ministry partnered with UPF to provide this forum, a program that allowed leaders to engage in dialogue and map action steps for the future.

Over 80 people participated in this two-hour educational session which provided an important opportunity to consider the principles and values needed to address the political, cultural, social and spiritual challenges facing our nation and world today. It featured interactive presentations and panel discussions in three key areas: “Interfaith and Peace-Building”, “Family: The Cornerstone for Peace” and “The Significant Role of Youth for Sustainable Peace”.


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