True Love Divine Principle Seminar

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Four participants joined in the True Love Divine Principle Seminar at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas from June 10-13. The small size of the seminar allowed for very personal attention and engagement in the weekend’s activities.

The seminar participants included one Unificationist couple and their son from Oklahoma and one Unificationist-born youth from the Las Vegas community. Rev. Andrew Compton, education director at the International Peace Education Center and workshop facilitator, commented, “We really became close to one another. It was especially encouraging to have the Higuchi family present, to have parents and son participate in this workshop together. That was my greatest inspiration over the weekend.”

In addition to attending presentations on how applying the Divine Principle can foster true love in one’s life, the participants engaged in outings to Lake Mead and to the Grand Canyon to connect with God’s heart in nature.

Here’s what the participants shared about their experience:

“I share Rev. Compton’s heart and passion for teaching the Divine Principle. The seminar was great since there was so much detail in the lectures. I’m motivated to come again and bring someone with me next time!” –Tokky Higuchi

“I truly enjoyed staying in the International Peace Education Center for the seminar. Originally we had invited a guest to join us, but he declined at the last minute. Yet, for the sake of our family, we decided to do this. Coming to Las Vegas was so refreshing. I could feel True Parents’ vision of using the International Peace Education Center for lectures on the Divine Principle. I could enjoy the lectures in such a comfortable environment. It was really a revival experience being here. Next time, I will try my best to bring others here to hear the lectures on the Divine Principle.

“Rev. Compton spoke strongly, with such sincerity and love about the Divine Principle. I am very grateful for his insight.” –Elsa Higuchi

“When I came to the seminar, I expected it to be just another workshop–sitting down and listening to the same things that I have been hearing ever since I was little. That did happen some of the time, but the way the Divine Principle was described this time made the content so much more clear for me. I was actually able to understand the concepts a lot more.” –Ken Higuchi

“I’m glad to have participated in this four-day seminar, especially this time because it had less participants than usual and we had the whole wonderful International Peace Education Center for ourselves. Through the seminar, I could understand God’s heart more deeply and fill in the little “holes” in my understanding of God’s words.

“Something that I’ll take with me is a new understanding of True Parents’ and God’s wish and the knowledge about what to do to achieve it. The seminar was an enlightening experience and everyone ought to come at least once. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the short but precious time I’ve spent here.” –Takayoshi Hirano

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