True Love Divine Principle Seminar


We held the tenth True Love Divine Principle Seminar at the International Peace Education Center, September 2-5, 2016. There were 22 participants, five of whom were over 60, two of whom were over 30, and fifteen of whom were 18-29 years old. Ten of the participants came from California, where our brother Ocie Crawford is working hard to raise up his tribe as a Tribal Messiah. Ocie brought his children, a brother-in-law, and several grandchildren and one of their friends. In addition, we had a father and son from Seattle, a blessed couple with two of their kids, and from North Dakota we had a young Unificationist blessed couple, as well as their sister and future brother-in-law.

All in all, we had multiple generations coming to get inspired, to deepen their understanding of the Divine Principle and look for answers to their questions, and we also had new contacts learning about the Divine Principle for the first time.


Below are some reflections from the seminar:

“This seminar was very concise because of the two-day time frame. But I really appreciate that we could fit it in over a long weekend. It is so doable for students who are busy, or people who work.

“The diverse group of people at this seminar made the questions interesting. As a second-generation Unificationist, I never experienced a workshop like this, mixed with so many different understanding levels of the Divine Principle. I could see the process it takes for people to understand our faith. Listening to the basics of our faith again wasn’t repetitive for me, since we all need a refresher course.

“I also loved the combination of seminar, outings, good food, beautiful hotel environment, and little touches like chocolate and cookies in the rooms.”

–Judy Jagar


“I wasn’t expecting too much at the beginning of the workshop, but I did learn a lot and many things that were questionable in my mind suddenly made much more sense – such as the importance and significance of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony. Rev. Compton is an excellent teacher of the Divine Principle, and in addition to his rich life experience and enthusiasm, made the lectures very interesting. I would recommend the workshop to all!”


“I learned that God is not in control of our love. God needs and wants us to love like Him. I also learned that your activity is what shapes your spirit. People will not grow in ignorance. I loved many things about this seminar.”

–Sontraya Smith

Contributed by Rev. Andrew Compton

Looking to join the next seminar? The International Peace Education Center hosts monthly 4- and 7-day seminars in both English and Spanish. See our calendar of events and register today!

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