True Love Divine Principle Seminar


Rev. Andrew Compton, Education Director at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas, engaged 10 participants in the latest True Love Divine Principle Seminar from April 22-25. This was the sixth True Love Seminar so far and was attended by a diverse mix of cultures and ages, as well as current Unificationists and guests.

Rev. Compton guided everyone through the sections of the Divine Principle. He talked about God’s heart during the Fall and Restoration, and explained that everything has a purpose. He also talked about the Marriage Blessing Ceremony, leaving several of the participants inspired to begin the path to receiving the Blessing.

“The most exciting thing was to see a Unificationist return with a longtime friend,” said Rev. Compton. “The returning Unificationist was renewed and her friend was able to catch the key points of the Divine Principle and the Blessing.”


In this small group setting, everyone bonded well, especially through outings over the weekend. The participants went on a boat ride at Lake Mead, and had a buffet lunch at a restaurant.


The seminar left participants refreshed and inspired. Here’s what they had to say:

“It was an excellent experience, where I could learn many things about God and Jesus. Everything has a purpose and this makes sense. It’s so beautiful when you can learn about Jesus’s love and God’s love. I could learn about God’s heart at the time of the Fall and throughout Restoration. Everyone deserves to be loved and to give true love.”

“The seminar was very inspirational, and the tours were fantastic. Our group, though small, bonded well, I thought, despite our different backgrounds. I felt a warm and good spirit in every lecture. I got some good ideas and it was very refreshing to hear this perspective.”

“Whether or not you’re already familiar with the Divine Principle, you’re basically guaranteed a refresher or an introduction which will fill in gaps in your understanding of what it means to lead a fulfilling life.”

“I most definitely would recommend my experience of learning and understanding and eventually living the Divine Principle lifestyle to any and everyone who is ready to receive it. I invited my best friend of over 20 years who attended this seminar with me, and I am so happy to say that she truly understood it. I pray for both of us and anyone else we invite to be able to receive the Blessing!”

“I was very inspired by the lectures. I appreciate lectures that are given with a whiteboard by hand – written diagrams and notes.”

“I would recommend this experience for the simple reason to know the truth. Pushing deeper for truth should be a goal for everyone. I loved this experience – it’s awakened me further.”

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