4 Day – True Love DP Seminar, Las Vegas

150912 Report, 1-Day DP Seminar pictureOctober 30th True Love DP Seminar, Las Vegas

We had a wonderful True Love Divine Principle Seminar – the first of its kind to be held at the Peace Center here in Las Vegas. 16 members and guests enjoyed the high quality accommodations and received a good balance of God’s truth (deep insights into the essential points of the Divine Principle) and God’s love (with a chance to put it into practice), interspersed with unforgettable and exciting tours and activities. Everyone had an incredible experience – with God, with each other, with God’s creation, and with God’s word. Most importantly everyone left with a renewed confidence that God is our Heavenly Parent, committed to working with us to change our lives and our world.

Here are a few reflections

“The lectures were excellent, each part of Principle that was taught was very practical, uplifting, and most of all let us understand the heart of God.”


“The Act of Love homework exercise was very important – so we could practice what we learned.”


“One of the best experience I had here at this True Love DP Seminar was to hear the presentations and realize they were exactly what my daughter (who was also attending) needed to hear to re-discover the value of the Divine Principle and the Blessing. And to discover the IPEC as the incredible venue that it is. It will certainly serve as the birthplace for many new members to be re-born at and for many activities of our Family Federation in the critical years leading to 2020. I can see more hope for True Mother’s 2020 vision being realized through this beautiful facility with such a great staff and local volunteers. I am proud to have been a financial contributor to its construction and plan to support it more in the future.”


“This was a great 4-Day format/schedule. I just loved the variety show, the trip to Hoover Dam and the Lake Mead boating. I think it brought us closer together and opened our hearts and minds to God’s love, heart, and grace.”


“I really liked the theme, “It’s all about love.” That perspective really appealed to me. That God, historical figures, Jesus, and True Parents – it’s all about love and realizing True Love. I think that broadens the appeal for DP and can make it more palatable and attractive.”


“I appreciated the sincerity with which the lectures were taught and related to us and that the complex content was made easy to understand. In addition the art of storytelling was used very effectively – capturing everyone’s rapt attention.”

“The thing that touched me the most was the new understanding I gained of the Heart of God.”


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