3rd, 4 day – True Love DP Seminar

January 8-11, 2016

We held the 3rd True Love DP weekend seminar at the Peace Center, January 8-11, 2016.

It was small, just 5 participants, but it was a very powerful experience for them. We had an elder member from Arizona who brought a younger member (age 37) and a blessed couple from Los Angeles who brought a young student (age 21) of the Divine Principle who was attending her first formal workshop.


160108 True Love DP Seminar, Report picture In front of the International Peace Education Center


160108 True Love DP Seminar, Report picture 3 The Graduates


160108 True Love DP Seminar, Report picture 2On Lake Mead



True Love Seminar, Jan 8-10, 2016

1- What I gained form this program was a deep understanding of God’s Ideal for Humanity, which is True Love and creation of True Families. I gained inspiration for my life to follow a path more strongly connected to Heavenly Parent, His purpose for us, His heart, and what He would like me to do in my life. The boat ride was also very  inspiring to me as I was able to take the time to really appreciate God’s creation and the life that surrounds us in the nature that we may not notice as often as we should.

Of course I would recommend this to others. I have already spoken to my sister about it and she is already setting up to begin studying the Divine Principle.

I don’t have any suggestions due to having enjoyed the workshop as it was and feeling that the lectures were concise and full of information.


2- I gained:

  • A much deeper understanding about the Principles since it was by True Parents’ words.
  • New friends, brothers and sisters of this global family
  • Great inspiration, produced by the interaction with nature, especially places where True Parents were
  • A new and great determination for this new year.

I would recommend this to others, because it is the truth and the truth must be preached at all times



3- I gained a deeper knowledge of the Divine Principle content and a deeper understanding fo how to embody true love for God in my life. I especially liked the way history sections flowed more understandably than what I had understood before.

I can now recommend this seminar to others who want to study or review more the DP. The presentations were honest, sincere, insightful, and heartfully presented. It is also excellent as a part of preparation for Blessing candidates.



4- From the Principle of Creation – I got that I need to pray and try to connect to God’s heart. Thank you for this lecture – God gave through Rev Compton

I would recommend this for my daughter. She is 21 years. She lost her faith. She comes to Sunday service every week, but she still wonder.

I suggest a little longer lecture for Principle of Creation and Fall of Man. 3 Days would be better



5- I could see more clearly, substantially, how God’s providence is still moving forward. I have faith in T Mother, in the midst of current UC politics, but through the lectures I feel more we are still moving, even yet faster, not only surviving with faith.

I was inspired by the theme and object of the seminar to understand True Love, not just the exposition of the DP.

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