4 Day -True Love Seminar

151204 True Love Seminar Report pictureDecember 2015 

Lecturer: Andy Compton

Mother Figure: Robin Schwyter

Food: Lydia Compton, Sangmoo Borneman

Participants: total 8

youth – 5 (4 2nd gen, 1 first gen),

Over 50 – 3 Blessed members (including one couple)

It was a wonderful seminar. Everyone was very uplifted by the DP, IPEC, and the trips

to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon.



      In the beginning, I sought for only the logic of the Principle, because I felt obligated to record as a scribe, not as a learner. Why? Because my heart toward myself is either non-existent or minimal (half of it that is). Other reason – is desire for others to have success in and with God’s providence.

After discussion, I changed my priorities – to trying to understand Rev Compton’s heart to ensure mine was growing properly.

What did I gain? A sight of an energetic happy child of God. As well as – my will is the only thing preventing me from experiencing (what a) true person is.


      Since the start of this True Love Seminar it has been a great experience to enjoy, appreciate, and connect with my fellow brothers and sisters about the deep and interesting topics over True Love and the Divine Principle. …

What I gained from this Seminar:

I value True Parents, my parents, God, God’s love, the Bible and the Divine Principle and being a son of God.


      Over the course of this seminar I feel that I have learned many things. But, more than just knowledge, I have learned a deeper connection to God and to my brothers and sisters. I have learned of God’s suffering for His children and gained a better understanding of how He has fought for us and looked out for s in the thousands of years since the Fall. I have learned a type of joy in seeing how many different ways God loves us. But, I have also learned of the many ways that I have hurt God in my life.

Through this seminar I’ve come to realize that the love of God is only the first step in accomplishing His will. I’ve learned that my understanding of His will caused Satan to tempt me and move me from this path, but I’ve gained more than just that knowledge at this seminar. I’ve gained a family, a family that I didn’t know I had. I already knew that there was a path I had to be on in order to become closer to God and achieve His will, but with the knowledge I’ve gained at this seminar I hope that I can stay true to God and one day become a part of a blessed family blessed by True Parents and become a true descendant of God.

I personally have only one suggestion in terms of how to improve this seminar. That would be to have many more just like it and get more people to experience what I have felt here. I have never felt more close to God, to True Parents, and to my faith than I do now. The best part was getting to know everyone and seeing their paths to God. If I had more time to have spiritual discussion with everyone I think I would have felt and even closer connection to God through everyone here. The discussions we had throughout the seminar really opened my eyes to a new and deeper understanding of what true love is. Because of this I think I can go forward and become a person who truly embodies the message of Ture Parents – at least much more so than I have ever envisioned possible.

I would definitely recommend this seminar to others. Firstly, because I think that everyone, even the most devout, would learn something or gain a new or renewed sense of purpose from hearing the message of the Divine Principle from a new perspective. Secondly, because I personally have learned so much and enjoyed getting to experience  God and True Parents through another person’s eyes. And thirdly, because I believe the more people that hear this seminar and further develop their understanding of the Divine Principle and Father Moon’s message, his new truth from God, then the more people that can join Father and Mother by God’s side and leave the false kingdom built upon Satan, to become the True owners of Cheon Il Guk who practice true love in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent!


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