Workshop Rekindles Passion for Divine Principle


We just concluded the 11th 7-Day Divine Principle Seminar at the International Peace Education Center. Although it was a small group, it was a very special group, as it included Dr. Jesse and Dr. Tanya Edwards, who are well-known and dynamic pastors and evangelists with a strong Christian background; Larry and Taeko Moffitt (Larry is well known for his presence as emcee at many of the important Holy Day celebrations in America), and Jodi Williams, a longtime Unificationist and supporter from our community in Atlanta, Georgia. We were also blessed to receive a visit from Dr. Michael and Reiko Jenkins during the course of the seminar.

The testimonies that were shared, the soul-searching questions that were asked, and the enlightening discussion that followed every Divine Principle reading and lecture kept us all excited and grateful for the blessing of being a part of the seminar.


I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the 7-day workshop.  It was quite informative, enlightening, and educational. What I gained from the workshop is that I need to connect more to the heart of God.  I also need to understand the course that it took to see where True Parents are today. Looking and learning the course that True Parents took was eye-opening as well as informative. Another area that I received much inspiration from was The Providence of Restoration. Also, understanding how we grow and mature through God’s Principle.  The three stages of growth, is not just for an individual, but I can see that it can be for an entire congregation. I would love someday to teach this myself. I am glad that I can leave here feeling a little more grounded in the Divine Principle. 

I appreciated being able to make remarks or ask questions at any time.  Taking a break from the classroom and going out is an excellent idea. I was wishing I had colored pens to highlight and organize my notes.

I would strongly recommend others to attend the 7-day workshop. After the second day, I was already thinking of those who would love to hear this, such as my mother, my son and his wife, and others. I honestly feel that everyone’s heart and mind would be broadened and their heart can become more one with God.

-Dr. Tanya Edwards


Thank you for an enlightening 7 days of a new expression of truth. Every day, I gained more understanding of why we need to prepare properly for the coming of Heaven on Earth. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to go to the next level of understanding God’s word for us today and generations to come.  With this new expression of truth we can also be a better witness. Rev. Compton is patient and has a strong education of Divine Principle.

-Dr. Jesse Edwards


It has been nearly 30 years, maybe more, since I have heard the Divine Principle to the depth that can only be touched in a 7-day session. I had forgotten the extent to which unity of heart with the True Parents and one’s central figure is absolutely essential to success of God’s Providence. It is not enough to just go through the motions of performing one’s providential duties.

Reverend Compton is one of, if not the best, Divine Principle lecturers in the English language, in our movement. He is currently developing an internal guidance series. This is much needed. His 7-day workshop lecture series should be published as a teaching guide, but it really needs to be presented in person. The advantage of going to Vegas is that people are removed from the distractions of their daily environments, and can absorb the teaching more thoroughly. 

-Larry Moffitt


I realized the importance of studying God’s Word, as a way for me to clarify my position and the steps I need to take from now on. Too much daily life has little to do with my restoration, and without thinking, I had just been existing and my spiritual life had become dry. Through the lectures, especially the talk on the application of Divine Principle in my life, I could see many ways I need to include spiritual activities (reading and prayer) in my daily life. True Mother said we need to go back to the time when our church was growing. And to do that we must revive ourselves. This kind of workshop is important for doing that.

-Taeko Moffitt


What I gain from the seven-day Divine Principle workshop was encouragement to discuss creating a school based on the Divine Principle, knowledge in the Divine Principle, and enlightenment to go forth with discussing the Divine Principle with others. I would recommend the seminar to others, and if they are well versed in the Bible, I would encourage them to use their Bible to help them understand the Divine Principle. Rev. Compton did a great job. I like the way he was able to stop and answer questions, and I love his strategy of forming a group circle and compiling an understanding/knowledge board. I hope to study with Rev. Compton again in the near future.

-Jodi Williams

Contributed by Rev. Andrew Compton

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