Dr. Ki Hoon Kim’s Famicon Message

The following is a transcript from Dr. Ki Hoon Kim’s Famicon message via Zoom Call on Saturday, March 2, 2019.

Good morning, it’s 5 a.m. I woke up this morning at 3:30 a.m. and did meditation until Famicon at 5 a.m. (in Hawaii), and 10 a.m. (in New York and Maryland) 9 a.m. (in Texas and Illinois), and 8 a.m., 7 a.m. (in California). True Mother is here and is very happy. She has a joyful spirit and is very healthy. Today we are going on a longer trip to another island. True Mother is having a great time so far. Every day, True Mother is praying for victory. She is doing a lot of walking around. As you know, the air pollution in Korea is very serious, and True Mother sometimes has difficulties with environmental conditions.

I’m very grateful to hear about Famicon taking place at the same time in five subregions. It was a great challenge to plan, but so many family members and TribeNet members participated in the planning, and centering on Rev. Demian Dunkley some National Ministry Team staff traveled to each subregion to share about how True Mother is very serious about TribeNet and about Tribal Messiah activities.

This morning, I’d like to share just one point True Mother mentioned after she heard Rev. Mark Abernathy’s testimony a few weeks ago in Korea after the Foundation Day Ceremony. Mark Abernathy shared how he, his wife and daughter together completed giving the Marriage Blessing to 430 couples. After his testimony was over, True Mother stood at the podium and publically shared how she is inspired that Mark Abernathy and his whole family participated in Tribal Messiah activities.

Many people misunderstand and think it’s enough for just one spouse [to do Tribal Messiah activity]. But this is not only for first-generation Unificationists to do before we enter the Kingdom of Heaven. True Mother really emphasized second generation Unificationists, and coming generations as well, to participate in Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities. This is our last mission as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. As we heard True Father say six years ago, the mission of Tribal Messiahship is to participate in giving the Marriage Blessing to 430 couples and building your tribe both vertically [spiritually] and horizontally [physically]. True Mother is very confident that when we fulfill this mission, we will see how much spirit world [is at work]—we have our own ancestors. Yesterday, in my Hoon Dok Hwe reading, it said we have around 70 good ancestors who are always with us. This is due to the great work of God and True Parents. I am not just myself this morning. I have over 100 good ancestors with me. No one else has this kind of power besides Unificationist Blessed families. We as families that have been built centering on God and True Parents’ work, we can do it.

Thank you so much. True Mother was so happy. I never expected her to be this happy. Whenever we have any project and I invite True Mother, I have to have done a certain condition myself to make sure my request can be accepted by True Parents. So, before I left Korea, I met with True Mother personally and shared many activities in America. The last point I shared was we are going to have an event in Los Angeles centering on True Mother and on many of the ACLC pastors, especially on Bishop Noel Jones’ church, City of Refuge church. True Mother checked her calendar and this time she didn’t say, “I’m so busy going around the world; I already set up my whole year’s schedule.” This time, True Mother’s answer was surprising. She said, “Clearly God prepared this rally,” and then True Mother checked her calendar and she said, “If you do this, I can be there and Bless 5,000 ACLC couples and our contacts. Come and share and Bless their families, for the sake of becoming citizens of Cheon Il Guk.”

I was really struck by how God works in miraculous ways, even through the relationship between True Mother and Unificationist families. This is not only True Mother focusing and emphasizing, but it is also True Father’s focus. So, when we unite with True Parents, they will show us the way we can overcome.

Still, the secular world is practicing secular ideas. We will have some challenges here and there, but we are Unificationist families and we have the strongest spiritual power working on our side for the sake of God’s kingdom, Cheon II Guk. We are the builders of Cheon Il Guk and our family should have settlement in the place of Cheon Il Guk.

Once again, thank you and thank you to all the five subregional leaders, district pastors, state leaders, council members, all of our organizational leaders, and everyone who is participating in this Famicon throughout the nation. Thank you, and God bless you all!