Dr. Kim’s address at the GPA Commencement Ceremony, 2015


This morning I’m very grateful and joyous to be able to congratulate all first, second and third year GPA graduates and to say, thank you so much—gamsa-hab-nida— and sarang-hab-nida. True Mother is always expressing her appreciation to others in hopes of inspiring people and so, on behalf of True Parents to all the parents here, thank you so much for your support for your children’s endeavors.

I have four children, and without parent’s support, your support, how can we build a good family? Roland and all the GPA staff members, they support every single one of our GPA students day and night. Without their support, we cannot gather here together with joyous hearts. God experienced joy when He created all creation and human beings, and then the fall of man took place. God Himself has been through a lot of suffering even until this day, but as we have experienced, God never gives up on anything He has created. He has great hope for every single one of us. Even if you make a lot of mistakes, He will say, I am or your Parent, I will take care of you, I will forgive you, I will bring you to a joyful place, a happy place which you are seeking for; Cheong Il Guk—the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

True Mother just left for Korea. I shared about my time with True Mother on the Day of All True Things.  True Mother spent three weeks with you and I am grateful all the leaders and all the families had a great experience. Did you see how many people came to East Garden for Hoondokhwe (study of Holy Scriptures) to welcome True mother back to America? And then did you see on the following Sunday, how packed the Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom was? People were standing in line for several blocks waiting to file in and welcoming True Parents. Then we celebrated the 1,000 Day Memorial of True Father’s Seonghwa. This is the heart of American families. There were many GPA participants all the events on the East and West Coasts centering on True Mother. True Mother really saw a sea of great hope once again for this country, America, God’s chosen nation.

I just came back to New York early morning from Kona, HI, where we held a very special workshop for the congressmen and women; I stopped by one day and shared with them this: “America does not have only 240 years of history; she was founded on 2,000 years worth of the history of God’s suffering and Jesus’s suffering. Father Moon said God prepared this country, America for 2,000 years.”

We want to create change, we want to correct something. Everybody is looking for change. GPA participants, they talk like True Father; they talk like True Mother; they inspire us always. I believe in them, I trust them, they are my mentors; not only my mentors, but America’s mentors. Let’s give them one more big hand. Thank you GPA, and I love you, and the American Unification community, and all families really appreciate your dedication. You brought God’s spirit and True Parents’ spirit back to our community activities. You helped create wonderful experiences for eachother over the course of the last two years. You know, I had a similar kind of experience as GPA when I was a college student. I spent two years as a pioneer. I stopped studying, and True Father said at that time, if you go out and you have one or two years experience as a pioneer, you will learn more than studying on a campus of 100 years. Even if you stay in college of ten years, you will never learn there what you can learn in two years as a pioneer. Like you, I found God, I found True Parents during the course of those two years. That experience made me who I am today. So, GPA is our greatest hope.


While In Hawaii, this one participant said, you just arrived tonight but you are leaving tomorrow to go back to New York? What is happening tomorrow in New York? I said I have to attend a graduation ceremony for not just one VIP, but for 90 VIPs in our community. I cannot miss this because they are God’s hope, they are True Parents’ hope, they are the hope of America. So all GPA graduates, parents thank you so much once again. You’ll never lose anything; you will learn so many things, you will see. I have met with GPS from time-to-time here in New York, Las Vegas, and in some other places, and they have very clear vision for their future. “Oh, after three years I will pursue law school and become a lawyer, or a judge” or “After GPA I will go to chiropractic school, and I will follow my dad as I would like to work together with him.” So they have a very clear vision already. Thank you so much once again. I love you. God bless you.

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