Dr. Kim’s Address to the National Ministry Team

Good morning and Happy New Year. How beautiful is True Mother in this photo? I don’t how many years ago this photo was taken, but we published this book, True Mother: From the Heart of American Members, less than one year ago. It’s a beautiful picture, and I showed this offering from the American family to True Mother, telling her, “We love you and we miss you.” It was similar to her message to the Cranes Club when she said, “I’ve been waiting for you. I miss you. I love you.” After she received this book, she passed it around the table and said, “Look, Wonju [McDevitt], look at this. How was I this beautiful?” I gave credit to Mrs. Alexa Ward; please stand up. She collected many testimonies about True Mother from women in leadership, some of your own testimonies and even my testimony. True Mother signed a copy of the book, which I would like to present to Mrs. Alexa Ward.

True Mother also signed a copy of the Cranes Club program. True Mother is really looking for young professionals among the older Unificationist-born young adults, those who once were involved in our community with their parents but since have left. True Mother called them again. “I miss you,” she said. “I love you. Where have you been all this time?” She called these young professionals to create the Cranes Club. “With CARP under my Cranes we can fly together,” she said. This wonderful message was really inspirational. I would like to give this to [new FFWPU USA Vice President] Mari Curry, and with True Mother’s blessing you can carry on this mission and responsibility.

When we started singing the Cheon Il Guk Anthem and Holy Songs, I got to thinking, maybe in 2015 I must push our design team and media team to do a better job. They did a wonderful job last year. They prepared all these wonderful programs, made them very nice and bright. True Mother had some input in the design and said that maybe the color could be brightened, as it was a little dark. So we put more light here and a beautiful picture inside and designed these wonderful programs. So I would like to present this signed program to the media department and David Rendel, as they did a wonderful job, so Koichi Nakai, come over here.

When True Mother called me right after the anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa last year, she mentioned to me, “I would like to have a Christmas party in Las Vegas.” And I thought, “Oh, yes, as usual True Mother will invite some of her children and grandchildren and have a family reunion in Las Vegas with a Christmas party.” But she didn’t mention any names. She said only, “Please invite pastors.” At that time I wondered why she mentioned pastors. I thought maybe she meant pastors in the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) and in Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and people from those outreach activities and their guests. I thought she would like to invite them to talk to them about the spirit of Christmas and Jesus’ love and Jesus’ sacrificial life or motto, how it was like True Father’s.

But when True Mother called these pastors together, she raised a very challenging question. She said: “Today we gather here, celebrating Christmas, the spirit of Jesus’ life and Jesus’ birthday, but does anybody know on what day Jesus was born? Nobody. Even his own mother, Mother Mary, didn’t tell anybody the birthday of the only begotten son. This was part of the mission of Mother Mary and the mission of Jesus’ disciples [to know his birthday and celebrate it]. Mary should have told his disciples, “This day is the birthday of the only begotten son of God.” But no one told the followers of Jesus his birth date.

True Mother challenged the pastors—Archbishop George Stallings, Bishop Jesse Edwards, Mrs. Tanya Edwards, Pastor T.L. Barrett—“Why do we call him the only begotten son? No one really welcomed him. This caused him to be sacrificed on the cross. We didn’t prepare for him. This is the suffering of Heavenly Parent. This is the suffering of True Parents. This was the mission of Mother Mary and the Israelites and the disciples.” I was very shocked.

Many days earlier at the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) National Convocation, she asked, “Are you afraid of what I am going to say to these pastors?” I didn’t know what she was going to tell these pastors, but she committed herself to telling them the truth about the responsibility of American Christianity and what True Father really tried to educate American pastors on when he came to America in 1965 and 1971 and 1973: “America, you must awake. Christianity is in crisis.” And each of those three years, his key message was about America, about Christianity, about Christians’ responsibility, about how we can bring this country back to God’s side.

I was very surprised and very impressed with True Mother’s heart for this country, America, especially toward the pastors, the American Christians. And ACLC, you did a wonderful job, and True Mother blessed ACLC again. God bless you.

Archbishop Stallings is reminding me of the challenge. So far we have spoken only about the only begotten son, but where is the only begotten daughter? This was the challenge to the pastors. I know Bishop Edwards almost fell down when he heard this. We need the only begotten daughter. The mission of the only begotten son was to seek out the only begotten daughter, and then to become the True Parents, and together they would be called to the mission of the Messiah based on the foundation of True Parents. This is the Divine Principle, this is the creation God intended: the only begotten daughter.

Even I don’t understand this concept so deeply, but True Mother said it straightforwardly: “The only begotten daughter is what we need today. We need to understand a new way to look at God’s Providence.” I was surprised, and I asked Archbishop Stallings, who was sitting at our table, and Bishop T.L. Barrett, what they thought. They said: “Yes! That is correct!” Their response was more surprising to me than what True Mother said. They could understand her straightforward message. True Mother talked briefly, less than 20 minutes. She didn’t speak more in depth on this, so I need more explanation, but they already understood. I think that True Mother knows they understand more than I do. It is incredible.

So we had the ACLC National Convocation and the Cranes Club conference, the Christmas service and the Christmas party. Christians, our young family members, Cranes Club—everyone gathered together. Unificationist family members, non-Unificationist families, older and younger Unificationist-born youth and young adults gathered together finally for the Christmas service and the Christmas banquet. Because of the high cost of this holiday season, we tried to not do this banquet. True Mother said, “How can we celebrate Christmas and this holiday spirit without dining together?” Anyway, we spent some money, but it turned out to be a very wonderful event with a warm and family spirit.

I didn’t know this, but the back of the room was packed! I excused myself from True Mother’s table and looked around at the back tables, and on the way to them, I met the hotel manager. He took my hand. I was very shocked. When people come and groups come to this hotel, they reserve 1,200 seats, but they usually get only around 800 showing up. They don’t get 100 percent showing up. The hotel manager said: “I was so impressed with your group. Everybody showed up.” So I went back to my table. But while we were eating up front, they didn’t have food in the back. The hotel hadn’t prepared enough food! They calculated that only a certain percentage of people would show up. That’s right! The people at the back tables didn’t get anything to drink or any salad. But still, everybody was happy. It was so packed that not even one seat was empty. I know everyone enjoyed the meal. This is the kind of powerful spirit we have.

[Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) President] Naokimi [Ushiroda] gave a presentation to the Cranes Club. What is our power, he asked? Our community. When we become one, we can do anything. Nothing is impossible. This is our power that we received from Heavenly Parent and learned from True Parents. True Father and True Mother, how many years did they suffer for the sake of this nation and for the sake of the world? We love, we inherit True Parents’ foundation and True Parents’ thought and lifestyle.

No one has mentioned yet the audio and visual crew that we hired. They are a professional company. One of the crew members from this company was also so shocked to see how packed it was. “Why do you call them True Parents, and why do you call that lady True Mother?” he asked. You know, so many times they heard us say True Parents, True Mother and Jesus Christ. They understand Jesus Christ, but they didn’t understand True Parents and True Mother, and in this way we were even witnessing to them. Who is True Mother? Who are True Parents? Our community, our family members, came together and showed the unity possible in the Unification Church; our American church family spirit came through. At the end of the program, two of the crew members came to David Eaton and asked, “Was True Mother happy with this program and our support on the audio and visual?” They themselves called her “True Mother”! They asked how True Mother was enjoying this program. It was incredible!

So True Mother spoke to the ACLC pastors, Cranes Club participants, and held a Christmas service for American Unificationist families and their guests, and over 1,200 people were there. At the same time two weeks of witnessing activities were going on. About 40 people came from Korea and were joined by American CARP members and by the International Peace Education Center security team, and True Mother asked them, “How can you serve True Parents better? Without you, people won’t know about True Parents. This is how you can serve. Go out and talk to people and testify about True Parents.” They struggled because they had never had any experience witnessing to American people. How would they communicate? This witnessing team from Korea had never had witnessing experience here in America and in Las Vegas. They contacted 730 people in an email list and mailing list, and they brought 61 guests to the CARP Center for Divine Principle lectures. All this in less than one week. They don’t speak English. And among the 730 potential people contacted, 330 people are very positive and have the potential to join the Unification Church. They are coming to our Sunday Services. Through this True Mother really wants to show people that we can do it! You know why I am certain she was saying this? Two days ago, when I was sitting with True Mother, she asked if the American Church had some kind of meeting or conference coming up. Of course, we have that every month. She said, “Go and tell the American Church Headquarters and our church leadership that we can do this. I have already shown America, through this group of non-English-speaking Unificationists who came to this land and in one week contacted 730 people and witnessed to 61 people, that this is possible. Tell them not to sit down and wait for people to come to them. Nothing ever happens like that. You must go out and and tell people about True Parents. They will listen. We already have seen that this can be done,” she said.

“This is the reason I came here and talked to pastors, young people and our American family. The keyword is ‘testify.’ Testify about True Parents, go out and talk to people, and they will listen,” True Mother said. There are many miraculous testimonies. One lady received True Father’s autobiography and then had a dream that encouraged her to begin reading it. She went to the familyfed.org website, where she learned of an upcoming ACLC convocation in Las Vegas, and she came to this convocation. She is a mother of a beautiful family, and the next Sunday she brought her eight family members, including her husband, to church. Just last Sunday, they came back to Sunday Service.

It’s so incredible that the spirit world is supporting True Parents; True Father in heaven and True Mother on earth are supporting us. We need substantial action. That is what we are missing. That is what we are lacking. Here in New York, ACLC is connecting to so many mega-church pastors. Have confidence and absolute faith in God and in True Parents. Then we will bring great victory.

True Mother took a five-day tour of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sedona, Arizona, seeking inspiration for the Cheonji Sunhak Museum in the Cheongpyeong area. She went to see the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It’s very big and famous, and they have a villa around the buildings in perfect harmony with nature. She went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, as well, and then north to San Francisco to the de Young Museum. She went up to the lookout tower to see the landscape design, the nature and buildings. With True Mother’s interest in all these museums, I told her, “True Mother, you must see New York’s National September 11 Memorial & Museum.” She wanted to fly to New York right then and there, asking if True Parents’ room on the 30th floor of the New Yorker hotel was ready. I said, “Oh, Mother, not yet; it is still under construction.” So True Mother will be here in the spring. I’m very sure she would like to see the 9/11 Museum. We already have the architectural design finished for True Parents’ museum and library, done by a famous American architect.

Dr. Michael Balcomb and Dr. Michael Jenkins came to Las Vegas, as well as Rev. Miilhan Stephens and Rev. Mari Curry, the two new FFWPU USA vice presidents, and Katarina Connery, the new WFWP vice president. I wanted to introduce them to True Mother after the two-week program was over, and her first question was, “Did they go out witnessing for the two-week program?” I replied, “No, Mother, not for two weeks, but they did witness for three days.” Her next question was, “Did they bring any guests?” They said, “Yes, Mother! We brought three guests.” After she heard this, True Mother was less tense and more comfortable. With these questions True Mother opened her heart and smiled a lovely smile, and I’ll never forget that moment when True Mother asked these young Unificationists to be the new leaders. She said, “What are you going to do? What kind of person are you going to be? Record it in Unification Church history.” I never heard that kind of message in my life. “Be a miracle maker,” she said.

Be a miracle maker. Don’t wait for God’s miracle. You need to be like God, be like True Parents, be like Jesus. Make a miracle. Bring miracles to True Parents and our church.

True Mother brought up a good example: the Hoover Dam. In 1930, not only Americans but people around the world were suffering from financial and spiritual depression. Everybody said it was the end of the world, but one man brought great hope. President Herbert Hoover built the Hoover Dam, and for the next six years gave hope to the American people and people around the world.

When we look at True Father’s testimony, 1965 was the first time he came to Las Vegas. He spent most of his time not on the Las Vegas “Strip,” but underground at the Hoover Dam. He looked at the big turbine engine moving in circles. This machine was built by technicians from America and Europe. All kinds of advanced techniques were put into this turbine engine, which generated electricity. This whole project moved America and the world. Today, 40 million people are coming to visit Las Vegas. Everybody is going to see the Hoover Dam. Eighty years later, everybody is still going to the Hoover Dam. Yes, they are taking good memorial pictures, but we need to understand what’s behind the scenery. This is a miracle. One man and many laborers together made a miracle.

True Mother expressed that we are chosen people, and she really wants the coming generations to be miracle makers. I was so moved to hear this. In the last two years, what did you do? What did we do in the last two years? Can you make a list? We did wonderful, I think we did miraculous things, don’t you think so? How about the University of Bridgeport? Ten years ago, we had less than 1,000 students. Now we have 5,000 students.

I just met President Sun Jo Hwang of Sun Moon University, and he gave a report to True Mother of the past year, 2014. Professors voted Sun Moon University the No. 1 university in Korea. Instead of publications and universities attacking Sun Moon University, they envied them. Cheong Shim High School, as well, was named the No. 1 high school, thanks to True Parents. No one can beat this high school. Even some of my distant relatives call me and ask if I can give recommendations or call the principal for their child to be accepted. That’s the kind of power we have, thanks to the foundation True Parents laid.

The New Yorker hotel, too, changed its image, because True Father planted the seed. True Mother added a mother’s heart and love. We, as children of True Parents, should work together. Let us make 2015 another miracle year. Can you do that?

We already got an answer from True Mother. True Mother showed this kind of example. There is nothing to worry about. Fear leads you to unhappiness, but if you have faith, you will see hope. You will see a miracle. With each one of you working for your department or your field, and with True Mother’s guidance and blessing, we can make a great victory in the year 2015.

One man or one woman can change the spirit! One man or one woman can lead us to a miracle. True Parents need these kinds of people in our community. True Mother was very clear that we need to support ourselves, and cut any kind of assistance from Japan. Many people call me and ask, “Without support from Japan, how can America survive?” Instead of worrying, I took True Mother’s direction and God blessed us, with these things happening at the New Yorker hotel, the Manhattan Center, The Washington Times. That’s great news.

True Parents are now very comforted. In the past, whenever True Parents hosted a big event, Japanese Unificationist family members paid all the costs. But from now on, we will support the Japanese Unificationist family members and the Korean Unificationist family members. This is the spirit of America. Let us do that. Don’t feel like receiving; let’s change our ideas, like the one man who created ideas that brought to the world great hope. The Messiah is here, so whenever we unite one hundred percent, we will see miracles every day.

Once again, thank you for your leadership, Dr. Balcomb, Dr. Jenkins, and all district pastors, ACLC leadership, Women’s Federation leadership, and UPF. We are one family, and let us make this year, 2015, once again one of great victory and miracles. Thank you and God bless you!

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