Upcoming Holy Days February 2016

Though Christmas and the New Year are behind us, the holiday season is not over yet! Just around the corner are three major Unificationist Holy Days—God’s Day (Feb. 8), True Parents’ birthday (Feb. 13), and Foundation Day (Feb. 20)—where we can celebrate our Heavenly Parent, the legacy of our founders and the new era of God’s Kingdom which we strive to build each day.

Save the dates and get ready to celebrate with your family, community and nation. This year, our goal is to hold celebrations in all 50 states. Connect with your local pastor to find out where these celebrations will take place in your area. In the coming weeks as we make preparations for these Holy Days, we’ll keep you updated with locations and details.

We encourage all families to make the most generous donation they can during this Holy Day season. These can be made through the local churches, or online here. Meanwhile, the USA is also preparing a National Gift.

Click Here to Make Your Holy Day Offering


Monday, February 8

By the lunar calendar, February 8 is the first day of the year, a time to celebrate new beginnings and recommit to our life of faith. On Sunday, the day before, celebrate together with friends and family during Sunday service, and on Monday plan or check with your local pastor to mark the day with a 7am pledge and offering table.



Saturday, February 13

We expect many celebrations to take place over the extended weekend of February 12-14, as well as the following week leading up to Foundation Day. Just as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and Muslims celebrate the birth of Mohammed (which in 2015 happened to fall on Christmas day!), True Parents’ birthday is a wonderful opportunity for Unificationists to share about the teachings and legacy of the founders. Exciting local programs are in store with an emphasis on outreach, and some locations plan to hold banquets, seminars, entertainment programs and other special events. We encourage everyone to go all out and to use this time as a way to honor True Parents by spreading their message.



Saturday, February 20

Just a week after True Parents’ birthday, we will be celebrating Foundation Day on February 20. Many in Korea and the United States use the entire week between the two Holy Days to celebrate and create exciting programs and events that express who we are and where we’re going. Art displays, lecture competitions, musical performances and service projects are just a few plans you can get involved in with your local ministry. Communities are encouraged to watch a live webcast from Korea on Friday, February 19 at 7pm EST whether it be with a large gathering or a small group of families. Several communities are hosting a Marriage Blessing ceremony, which is a wonderful chance to help create a special atmosphere and support couples beginning their journey with the Blessing.

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful ways our communities will participate across the country and are excited to celebrate along with you!