Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth

CSG, pp. 1226-1228

Today is National Foundation Day in the Republic of Korea. It is year 4321 of the Dangun Era, 1988 by the solar calendar. Today, I inaugurate the Foundation Day of the Unified Nation. When, as you attended your siblings, this Korean holiday became the Day of the Unified Nation, all your wishes were fulfilled. Indeed, you have attained all your hopes. What are the hopes of fallen people? I gave you God: You did not know even whether He existed, but now you know the true God. I brought you to the knowledge of God. I gave you God as a gift; I gave you True Parents as a gift; I gave you a true spouse as a gift; I gave you true sons and daughters; and I gave you the opportunity to build a true tribe. In fact, I have given you everything. I am giving you the opportunity to create even a true nation, and now all that remains is a true world. That is why I am launching today as the kick-off day for the true Nation of the

Unified World. This is the starting point of the Foundation Day for all nations of the world. (181-240, 1988.10.03)

During the Seoul Olympics, the external standards of heavenly law, a four-position foundation, was met in virtually every way. This year is year 4321 of the Dangun Era. The fact that the year ends in the number 21 is remarkable. In Korea, today is National Foundation Day. Foundation Day means that it is the time for heaven to be opened. Why do we call this “the day of the opening of heaven,” Gae Cheon Jeol. The first syllable is gae (開), meaning open. The second syllable is cheon (天), meaning heaven. Gae Cheon Jeol means the day of the opening of heaven. Hence, as this is the time to open heaven, once the individual gate to heaven is open, we must open the national level gate and then open the world-level gate. Having done so, the fortune of Korea will continue rolling toward the world, internally, externally, and in all directions — front and back, and left and right. That is why today is the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World. Further, since this day is in accord with the perspective of the Unification Church’s teachings on history and its experiences, there should be no dispute if we call it the day when we open the gate to the era of hope. It is the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World, which is the heavenly kingdom. The Nation of the Unified World is the heavenly kingdom on earth. This is the Day of the Opening of Heaven for the heavenly kingdom on earth. (181-294, 1988.10.03)

The Old Testament Age was the era when material things were sacrificed; the New Testament Age was the era of the children’s sacrifice. The Completed Testament Age is the era when the Parents sacrifice themselves. The Parents are the ones who are sacrificing everything. That is why I am carrying the cross of love on my shoulders. Because I know the entire philosophy of love, I hope I will lead all humankind to the world that we all dream of. However, Satan has been trying to block me in every way possible from going on the path to realize such a world. Satan desperately tried to stop me from building that bridge. Nevertheless, despite indescribable struggles, due to Heaven’s support and my loyalty for the sake of the Will, today, based on the standard of paying all indemnity on the global level, I could declare the Day of the Unified Nation. There is no news more joyful than that. When we look into the three ages, the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age, God gave to Satan everything that He considered most precious. (181-331, 1988.10.03)

Only after securing for God the authority of unified ownership can a unified world that is aligned with the standard of God’s heart come into existence. Only when we restore the authority of God’s ownership can we move forward to a unified world — one world led by the True Parents, in heaven and on earth. Based on their foundation, the world’s authority of ownership must surely be returned to God’s authority of ownership. Even if your mother and father oppose it, because we have arrived at a propitious time when we can offer everything in front of Heaven, everyone in the Unification Church must accept this as a tradition. Circumstances are such that when your clan accepts it as a tradition, that clan will be completely liberated. On that basis, you on earth will be in the position of Adam and Eve, all believers in the heavenly world will be in the position of the archangel, and you will become their ancestors. After living on earth and giving birth to children, you will become the grandfathers and grandmothers of thousands of generations and have thousands of generations of descendants. This is how God’s work of opening the gate to the heavenly kingdom will take place. (181-333, 1988.10.03)