From the Soul of the South Side of Chicago to Seoul of South Korea

When you mentioned the deterioration of Christianity I could only say Amen and Aju because you spoke the truth. The Holy Spirit spoke this to me nearly thirty years ago and now you have given me courage to speak or voice with poise and increased courage. I believe that America will fulfill her destiny of the Perfect Union as she embrace the importance of  Living life Principles, honoring Gods intervention through the Emancipation Proclamation and respecting all families as one family under God. Mother Moon, you thrilled my soul and I wondered how can I share the majesty of this trip with my family and community? It is still unfolding.

The impact of this trip on my life is immeasurable. my profound appreciation and gratitude for your investing in me to have this majestic life changing adventure. I could write a book on this gift you gave to me.

Children represented cultures from all over the world but no American youth represented but immediately spirit came to give me with an answer. They are all found in America. America must learn to embrace all children as family. A difficult task for her but God’s will be done.

My thought as I left the palace for the last time was this: This amazing human being saw more value in me then I could have imagined in myself. Mother Moon raised the life value bar higher for me and a standard only God can provide me with to fulfill my assign task.  God’s peace will move in my community on the Southside of Chicago. Peace shall rise and learn the Only Begotten Daughter of God has arisen in the East and in the same light women over the globe are being invited to get in alignment and teach God’s Glory within them, the Divine Principles and the spiritual significance in every family on every block. Family does matter, but now I know it is God’s will that every family has value that matters. I know now how it feels to truly be valued. Thank you Mother Moon for your blessing me with a mountain top experience that I will never forget or take for granted.

Respectfully Reflecting in Peace and Love,

Rev. Mama Joy Sigur- Ramza