Honoring Shining Lights and Hope for Our Country

The following is a transcript of Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) USA President, Angelika Selle’s speech from the National Parents’ Day Celebration at The Washington Times on July 24, 2019.

Good evening, distinguished guests, congressmen, dear parents,

Happy National Parents’ Day 2019 to all. This is truly a day to celebrate! 

It has been such an honor for Bob and I to be on the National Selection Committee together with my distinguished colleagues to select the National Parents of the Year 2019. What a task!

The team met over the phone and was instructed by the national committee concerning the process, guidelines and criteria as to how to best asses and rate each of the 22 finalist couples on a scale from one to five. The next step then involved dividing the candidates into the following four categories: National Parents of the Year, Parents of the Year for Faith Community, Parents of the Year for Outstanding Sacrifice and Parents of the Year for Civic Leadership, then selecting the first choice within each category.

Honestly speaking, this has been one of the most difficult tasks I have ever been assigned. Going through the forms, one by one, we saw so many similarities in each of these precious couples and families. This to me was deeply inspiring. In fact, I thanked God that we have such stellar parents and families here in America; they are truly the shining lights and hope for our country. Therefore, I believe I speak on behalf of our committee when I say that we all felt each of these parents were qualified to be the winner.

Speaking of similarities, these are the remarkable traits which they all had in common in the following areas:

1) Spirituality and Faith helped them overcome unspeakable obstacles and challenges. As all parents know, parenting is indeed one of the most difficult jobs in the world, and because of that many parents tend to give up easily, but faith and prayer can see parents through. Almost all parents also had their spouses supporting them in partnership, having each other’s back. How beautiful is that!

2) Sacrifice was embodied in their willingness to sacrifice themselves not only for their own children, but also for others, even in the midst of persecution, lack of support and misunderstanding.

3) Civic Service was reflected in their parental heart and commitment to serve the greater community, sometimes on a 24/7 basis.

In short, they all lived a life for the sake of others, and that is exactly what it takes to be not only a parent, but what we call a true parent!

Don’t these qualities remind us also of the qualities of our Divine Creator? Our Founders, Father and Mother Moon, have always emphasized that selfless parental love and heart is indeed the highest form of love, and the only love that can fulfill any emptiness and the deep longing for love in the human heart.

Would you not agree that most people these days in our culture are love-starved? Therefore, we believe that highlighting Parents’ Day and true parenthood is of greatest importance. Celebrating this Parents’ Day nationally shines a light on all these values associated with the modelling of selfless parenting which is needed in our country like fresh air – especially for our next generation.

Thanks again to all of you, Parent Honorees, for being such great role models of hope. I salute you, also on behalf of WFWP, where we highlight the family as the cornerstone for happiness.

God bless you and congratulations!