USA Scholarship Program

The 2017 Pyeongae Scholarship awards up to $2,000 to North American Unificationist students and young people of ACLC. The purpose of the grant is to encourage young people to pursue a public lifestyle while in higher education.

We invite you to apply if you are:

  • A GPA Graduate who commits to being an active member of CARP in your freshman year
  • A son or daughter of an ACLC Pastor who make an equivalent commitment in your own faith community
  • A current college student (sophomore and above) and active member of CARP who commits to remaining an active member throughout the period of your scholarship

The deadline for applications has been extended! Please apply using the forms below by January 20, 2017.

Scholarship Application Form

Fill out all three tabs of the application excel sheet (Application Form, Letter of Recommendation, and Introduction) and attach your answers as either scanned printouts or in the original excel spreadsheet format when you return to fill out the online submission form below.

Download Application Form


Online Submission Form

The application form is now closed.