Hyojeong Global Culture and Arts Workshop


We’ve just had news of a really exciting opportunity for young people with musical and artistic talent to join a special arts, music and culture workshop in Korea, culminating in live performances for True Parents’ Birthday on February 2 and Foundation Day on February 9, 2017. Even better, True Mother is showing her love for young people and for the arts by providing a grant for all costs of the workshop in Korea. The official arrival date in Korea has now changed to January 2, 2017. You may arrive as late as January 7.

As you can see from the accompanying memo, the application deadline is short and there are limited spaces available. Please encourage those interested in this opportunity to submit an application right away!

Fill out the application form by Thursday, January 5. Questions can be directed to Miilhan Stephens, our Vice President, at mstephens@unification.org.

Name: True Parents’ 2017 Special Workshop in the Hyojeong Cheonwon Complex (unofficially “Inaugural Hyojeong Global Culture and Arts Workshop”)

Purpose: To help develop cultural talent as well as offer devotion for True Parents’ Birthday and Foundation Day

Dates: January 2 – February 10, 2017

Location: Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center and select venues in Hyojeong Cheonwon Complex

Eligibility: Qualified CARP members, college students, Seonghwa students, youths, etc.


  1. Workshop applicants must demonstrate exemplary faith and have excellent school grades
  2. Workshop applicants must demonstrate artistic ability and a good level of involvement in artistic endeavors such as church choir, theater plays, dance performances, etc.
  3. Workshop participants can be recommended by church pastors, heads of providential organizations, etc.

Fees: All workshop fees are covered by True Parents’ special grant; participants will only be expected to pay for their own travel expenses to and from Korea

Program Highlights:

  1. Perform in two musicals and participate in the celebration of True Parents’ Birthday and the 4th anniversary of Foundation Day
  2. Education on the Divine Principle and True Parents’ life course
  3. Musical rehearsals
  4. Special lectures and educational programs focused on the ‘culture of heart’
  5. Network and forge bonds of friendship with fellow artists from around the world
  6. Participate in the launching of the Hyojeong Culture and Arts Troupe

What to Bring: Divine Principle book (3-color version), writing utensils, personal toiletries and medications, slippers, training shoes (absolutely necessary), appropriate attire both for formal occasions (girls can bring skirts) and rehearsals, pocket money and emergency money, white t-shirts, FM radio (for interpretation), and so on

Please direct all questions about the details of the workshop to Choi Yebin, administrative clerk, Department of Cultural Affairs, at +82-31-589-2358 or by e-mail at ffwpucp@gmail.com. International applicants must also obtain traveler’s insurance before arriving in Korea. You may also download the official memo via the button below for your further reference.